SharePoint News Connector Retirement
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A Step Forward in News Sharing and Collaboration for SharePoint

SharePoint News connector has been a valuable tool in our Microsoft Teams experience, seamlessly integrating SharePoint news into our team channels. As we strive for innovation and collaboration, we are transitioning away from the SharePoint News connector to embrace alternative, more integrated solutions.



SharePoint News Connector


Our decision to move beyond the SharePoint News connector is driven by our commitment to providing a seamless and collaborative environment. With current advancements in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, we can leverage alternatives, ensuring real-time updates and discussions within Teams channels.


Exploring New Alternatives

We encourage you to explore our robust alternatives to SharePoint News connector, such as Teams WorkflowViva Connections and Viva Amplify, which offer a more integrated and feature-rich news experience that continues to share SharePoint site news within your Teams’ channels.


• Viva Connections News notifications: The Viva Connections app delivers News notifications via Microsoft Teams and links users to the Viva Connections app through the notification -Learn more about Viva Connections News notifications


• Viva Amplify: Viva Amplify brings together internal communication processes in a single tool. You create content once, then publish your message through SharePoint, email, Microsoft Teams, and soon Viva Engage.- Publish a Viva Amplify publication


• Create your own workflows in Teams: Set up a Teams workflow

Timeline for Transition

The process will begin by halting the creation of new SharePoint News connectors starting July 22nd and will continue with the phase-out of configured connectors from August 26th onwards.


This change will happen automatically on the dates specified. There will no action required from admins, but it is highly suggested to:


  • Notify users about this change
  • Update any relevant documentation
  • Share the alternative solutions to ensure a smooth transition.


We understand the importance of a smooth transition and are dedicated to providing support throughout this change. You can follow our support guidance for additional help and information.

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