Recording meetings in Microsoft Teams
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Meeting recordings capture the audio, video and any screen sharing activities that you enabled during your Teams meeting. The meeting recording is saved to Microsoft Stream (the video sharing Office 365 application). From Stream you can manage, download and share your meeting along with any other video content you have in Stream.


Recording your Teams meeting provides a record of what was discussed during the meeting. This allows you to review or share the meeting with other Team members that could previously not attend. Meeting recordings can be used to create company or departmental announcements, management updates, product demonstrations & company news. The possibilities here are endless.


So - How can I do this?

It's easy - just click the "..." then click "Start Recording"



After you have started the recording you will see that you are currently recording this session in a message at the top of the meeting.


After you have finished with your meeting you simply "Stop Recording" from the very same menu that you started your recording from.


As discussed earlier, the meeting recording is saved to Microsoft Stream. You also will be able to see a link to the video recording in the meeting chat window - from here you can email the link to it from Microsoft Steam. As with all video content saved in Microsoft Stream - these videos consume space. By carefully planning your use of Microsoft Stream you can manage your available space.




Recording Options


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