Optimize Microsoft 365 with the new setup experience
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Get the most out of the services you purchased and ensure your users are secure and productive with a new, proactive approach to onboarding and configuration. The Microsoft 365 setup experience was designed for modern IT teams, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise.


The new setup experience—which is being rolled out over several weeks—saves you time and helps you get the most out of your apps and services. Based on products you’ve purchased, features you’ve configured, and your admin role, we curate tasks and related information from across Microsoft 365 and surface it in a central location—the Setup page—so you get only the information that’s relevant to you.



A central location to discover, learn, and take action

It can be a challenge for admins to discover the capabilities that are available across Microsoft 365, determine user impact, and understand how to configure those capabilities. The new setup experience addresses this challenge by providing a common source for both learning and taking action. This reflects our efforts to achieve greater coherence across—as well as within—our products and services.


When you go to the Setup page, you’ll find a logical grouping of tasks related to your admin function. Choose View for any task to get at-a-glance information such as task description, user impact, prerequisites, effort to implement, and security and adoption statistics to help you understand consequences and impact before proceeding.


As the setup experience evolves, filtering and grouping functionality will be added to help you further discover relevant information to help with onboarding and configuration.


Relevant tasks on the Setup pageRelevant tasks on the Setup page

Focused learning, at your own pace

In addition to curating tasks based on your admin role, the new setup experience provides the information and controls you need to confidently deploy Microsoft 365. It also delivers a predictable, consistent learning experience to help you focus on relevant information, as well as learn and grow in your capability to do more with your Microsoft products and services.


Along with at-a-glance overview and user impact information for each task, you'll find Learn more links for easy access to comprehensive articles. Since the collection of tasks are always there, you can return to the Setup page at any time to explore resources further.


Detailed task informationDetailed task information

A clear path for taking action

The new setup experience optimizes onboarding by providing clarity on the end goal, information to help you make decisions, and clear next steps. When you're ready to perform a task, simply choose Get started to walk through the configuration process.


If you're multi-tasking, working on tasks over several days, or if there are multiple admins working on tasks, you can track completion by seeing at a glance which tasks have been completed and which ones still require attention.


Choose Get started to walk through task configurationChoose Get started to walk through task configurationHow to access the new setup experience

To access the new setup experience once it’s rolled out to you, sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center and choose Setup in the navigation pane. If you don't see the new experience, check back periodically.


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