We’ve heard your feedback – creating multiple users with the same settings can be frustrating and time-consuming. I am pleased to announce the addition of templates to the active users page in Microsoft 365 admin center. We hope that this feature will streamline your work and help you achieve more.

You can now create and use a template to save time when adding multiple users. Templates are particularly useful if you have users who share many properties, like those who work in the same role and the same location.

Example:  I have a large group of engineers starting at the company. I know that they are all users with no admin role, located in the Redmond office in the United States, using Microsoft 365 Business, members of the Engineering department, and have the title Engineer 1. I can save all these values to a “Redmond engineer” template. When I create the users, I can use this template to populate all these values.


You can personalize multiple templates to speed up the work of adding different types of users. And you only have access to the templates you create as an admin; others cannot access your templates.


Getting started with templates


You have two ways to create a template. After adding a user, you have the option to create a template from the confirmation page. Or, you can create a template, as well as manage your templates, within the active users page. 


Figure 1. Option to save a new user’s settings as a template.


Figure 2. Add or manage user templates within active users


The following settings can be saved in the template:

  • Domain name
  • Password settings option (admin-generated or auto-generated)
  • One-time password choice (option to require the user to create a new password after their first sign in)
  • License location
  • License choices (for example, Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365 E5)
  • Application choices (for example, Microsoft Teams or PowerApps for Office 365)
  • Role (for example, User with no admin center access, or Helpdesk admin)
  • Most profile information, including job title, department, office, office phone number, and street address


Figure 3. Template details



The following information is user-specific and isn’t saved in the template:

  • First and last name
  • Display name
  • Username
  • Choice to send the password in email and who the password email is sent to
  • Mobile phone number


We have started rolling out this new user template capability to tenants this month, and the rollout will continue over the next few months. Try it out and let us know what you think of this feature by submitting feedback on this blog post below or in the Microsoft 365 admin center!

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Nice feature! Only thing that's still missing is the Company field. As far as I'm aware this must still be done through Exchange Admin Center.


It'd be great if you can add Company to both Azure AD and Microsoft 365 Admin Center!

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@Lori Craw, I like this new feature.

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If you have write back enabled on Azure AD Connect, can these templates be used and the corresponding user object is created in both AAD and on-prem AD?
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Love this features of template
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is that even possible to have this option synced from O365 to AD ? has MS considered this ?

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This is a really useful feature, but will there be an option in future to add groups to the templates, similar to how we set up AD templates?

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A welcome feature but a few shortcomings.

1) When a template is created by a Global admin, a user with "user admin" role doesn't see the template when they log in. They can't use it.

2) Also might be nice to apply to an existing user or group of users.

3) Can't use the template to create multiple users.

I created new user setup templates, but my other Global Admins are unable to see them. Definitely need visibility of these templates tied to the AD Roles. Also need the ability to modify the template after creation, so any users created with that template are also updated (for bulk licensing changes).




Thanks everyone for the feedback on templates. We really appreciate it. Please keep the feedback coming as you continue to use this feature! 

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@Lori Craw


The announcement for this, in message MC188687, indicated that worldwide rollout would be complete by the end of November.  To date, this feature is not available in our instance.  Has there been a delay in full implementation, or is it an issue with our tenant?


We were anxiously awaiting this feature to arrive.



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+1 to adding groups or distribution lists. New retail employee gets added to the "All Company" and "All Retail" distribution groups on creation as an example. 

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Wondering...  It's now 2020 and we still don't have the option for user templates in the Admin Center...


Is it just us, or are there other Tenants/Organizations with the same issue?  Am I missing something??


@Lori Craw 

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Major flaw of this: other global admins cannot see my templates, so they have to create them themselves. Basically, this feature is useless until all global admins can benefit from the work being done once. I use it, my colleagues cannot see my templates. Please fix immediately.

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@Jamie_McKay , @Lori Craw I am not seeing this either. I always assume this is related to us having E2 NFP licenses. 


Joanne Rogers

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@Joanne Rogers , perhaps that is it.  We're also a NFP, but carry E3 and E5 licenses in addition to the E2...


@Lori Craw, thoughts?

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@Jamie_McKay we have one or two E3 also, but are also adding Microsoft 365 Business that showed up as an option recently. Pricing for NFP is very budget friendly. 

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+1 for sharing templates with other admins within the tenant on an invite basis per template

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Tampoco me salia hasta que abrir el Admin Center con el navegador "Edge" no me funcionó con "Chrome".


Hey @Jamie_McKay  - glad you're looking forward to the feature and apologize for the delay. We hit a few issues during rollout, and decided to pause the rollout while we addressed these. Now user templates are rolled out to all tenants. In addition, we hear the feedback from you and others on the importance of shared templates, and we are working on adding those capabilities.

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Thanks @Karissa Larson, but the most important issue is still here, Other administrators cannot see templates one of our admins made. That means no standardization if anyone will be creating their own templates. Please fix this.

Thanks Dima. We've heard this loud and clear and are working on building support for shared templates right now. I have a question if you'd like to help directly shape the feature. @Dima Razbornov@Jamie_McKay@GreyWiz , @jimbarrgpboston , @MelNu , @Jennifer Smith - should all admins with the ability to create a user be able to create, view, use, and edit a shared template? Or should create and edit be restricted only to global admins, while all admins who can create a user could view and use shared templates? Is there a need to convert a shared template to a private one?

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Option should exist to make template private or public among same-level admins. Global Admins should be able to create, edit, view, or delete any template, but maybe have the option for add-user admins to view/use templates, but not edit/delete them. Thanks! JB
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It would be great if you could share these with team members, or make them global for all admins.

+1 for adding groups to templates.

+5 for being able to edit existing templates! Currently, if a template isn't working you have to create another.


Really need group membership to be part of a template!

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Another vote for group membership, we tie all of our SSO and RBAC to azure AD groups, so having role based templates with the appropriate access controls would help 

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Agree with  @Dima Razbornov@Jamie_McKay@GreyWiz , @jimbarrgpboston , @MelNu , @Jennifer Smith@Mark Bleasdale 

Really need to have a way to share the templates with other Admins. I think all Admins who can create, edit and delete users.
I think that "Shared" should be the default choice in a drop-down menu and "Private" the secondary one, when creating a template.

This would be great, really.


And also "Edit Template" should be a must.

Thank you for listening!