New Structured Diagrams Whitepaper for Visio 2010
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First published on MSDN on Sep, 02 2010

Microsoft has published a new technical article on MSDN about the Structured Diagram capabilities of Visio 2010.  Structured Diagrams help you organize the contents of your diagrams using intuitive, logical relationships between shapes.  These capabilities are exposed as the Containers, Lists, and Callouts features in Visio 2010.

The article covers these topics:

  • Overview of the Containers, Lists, and Callouts features from an end-user perspective
  • Details for creating or customizing your own Structured Diagram shapes
  • Overview of the Structured Diagram API with code examples

Readers of the Visio Insights blog will be familiar with much of the article, since it is based on a number of previous posts.  However, some of the details on Lists are new.  For reference, here are the related Visio Insights posts:

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