New Endpoint analytics page for Microsoft Adoption Score
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Critical to any digital transformation effort is understanding how your devices contribute to your end-user’s experience and enable them to reach their goals. This is why Endpoint analytics is a critical category to Microsoft Productivity Score. The visibility and insights it provides in areas like device boot times and application reliability can help your users quickly capture an idea or join that first meeting on Monday morning on time and not suffer through an endless login process or lose the work they just did as an application unexpectedly shuts down.


The problem was that some of you could not see all these great insights. Some of this detailed information was in the Endpoint analytics section of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager console. If you were an Intune Admin or a Global Admin, you could see this, but the rest of you who were using Productivity Score to drive your transformation efforts were in the dark. Well, not anymore. Based on your feedback, we have created a new Endpoint analytics page that shares these organizational insights with the other roles that already have access to Productivity Score.

New Endpoint analytics pageNew Endpoint analytics page

This new page looks very similar to the other pages you see in the people experiences, making it easy to dive right in.  You can see your Endpoint analytics score and your score over the at the top of the page.  Below that, you can see the startup insight showing your boot and sign-in scores.  If you click the link under the startup insight you will get additional details about the startup performance.  In the future, we will add the other insights you see in the Endpoint analytics console.


Details panel for the startup performance insightDetails panel for the startup performance insight

To check out the new page which is rolling out over the next few days, head over to  If you want to learn more about the new page, you can read the documentation at  As always, feel free to leave any questions or thoughts you have below!

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