Microsoft Whiteboard Announces Preview of New Templates
Published Sep 25 2019 08:00 AM 104K Views

We launched Whiteboard to provide a way for people to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, solve problemstrain colleagues, and to collaborate on projects whether in person or remote, across a variety of devices. In the classroom, we wanted to give teachers and students a way to create together and share their ideas without being confined to the dimensions of a physical whiteboard. After listening to our customers, we learned that many of you like to have a easier starting point to simplify how you use Whiteboard to collaborate and work.


Today we are excited to announce the preview of new templates in the Whiteboard PC and iOS apps that will allow people to ideate and collaborate more easily. We are starting with several templates that allow for workplace scenarios like brainstorming, project planning, KANBAN sprint planning, etc., as well as quick start in the classroom. More templates and capabilities will be made available continuously in the coming months.  


Whiteboard Template Work.gif


The full list of templates available in preview are:  

  • Brainstorming  
  • Effective meeting 
  • KANBAN sprint planning 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Problem solving 
  • Project planning 
  • Retrospective  
  • Project milestones 
  • KWL (Know, Wonder, Learn) for education 


Whiteboard Templates.png


Whiteboard templates are now in public preview for Windows 10 and rolling out to iOS within a few days. To add templates, tap the insert button in the toolbar. 


If there are any additional templates that you would like to see included, or have any other feedback about Whiteboard, please reply to this post. Thanks for helping us improve Whiteboard, we have more exciting announcements coming soon.


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