Microsoft Lists: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger
Published May 02 2023 08:00 AM 114K Views

Microsoft Lists is designed to unlock your team’s full potential by reducing the strain and drudgery of keeping everybody organized, on the same page, and moving forward together.

Designed with collaboration in mind, Lists enables teams of all sizes to efficiently track what needs to get done, share resources, and organize information of all shapes and sizes.

We’re proud to announce a batch of changes coming later this year that make Lists faster and more powerful than ever before.  Whether you’re overseeing a 20,000-person organization and want to standardize the way projects are tracked and approved, or you’re one half of a team of 2 working on narrowing down gift ideas for an upcoming baby shower, Lists has something for you.


Double the Speed, Half the Hassle


Roadmap #124867:  User experience (UX) Update

Roadmap #117585:  Microsoft Lists:  Applied Filters


To kick things off, we’ll share our favorite update:  we’ve supercharged Lists in the browser, in the PWA, and inside Teams to load in half the time.  Whether you’re driving Lamborghinis or Lists, performance is the ultimate feature.   So if you stop reading here, and don’t change a thing about how you work with Lists, you’re still going to enjoy a summer of lightning-fast views, forms, and fields.  But wait, there’s more!  These performance updates are coupled with a bunch of optimizations to the user experience that put people, content, and essential actions front and center.


Microsoft Lists - Ready to PartyMicrosoft Lists - Ready to Party


It all starts at the top of the screen, where you’ll see a bunch of new goodies on the same line as the name of your list.  First off, you’ll see the friendly faces of people who are working with you in the List at the same time.  This much-lauded feature from Lists MSA is coming to all Lists this summer!  Everybody should experience the magic of sharing a list in a meeting and seeing those recipients file in and start moving around the list making updates with you.  Next to these presence icons, you see icons for filtering and grouping.  One of the biggest changes in this whole update lies inside that Group By button – this feature now works even when you’re editing items in the grid! 


Your Favorite View is Just a Click AwayYour Favorite View is Just a Click Away

The true power of Lists becomes apparent when you use custom views that slice, dice, and arrange the right information for specific audiences or scenarios.  We’ve made these views easier to create and access by arranging them into tabs at the top of the screen.  Want to create a new view?  Click the plus.  


Take a Filter PillTake a Filter Pill


Under the title area, you’ll notice that Lists now clearly shows you which filters are applied to the current view.  You can click these “filter pills” to clear them one by one or all at once to see more items.  This feature even works in lists that have filters saved to the view.  Have you ever opened a list and wondered why a bunch of your data was missing, only to later realize that it was because of some sneaky saved filters doing what they’re supposed to do?  Those days of subterfuge are over!


Focus on FormsFocus on Forms


We’ve heard from many of you that creating and editing items inside a side panel doesn’t make much sense; why relegate a critical, focused task to just one side of the screen?  We’ve listened to this feedback and have elevated the core task of editing data in a list form to the prominence it deserves by placing it smack dab in the middle of the screen.


Lists:  Rated E for Everyone!Lists: Rated E for Everyone!


We’re always proud to take vintage features of Lists and bring them to the forefront.  This time, it’s Ratings columns!  Now, it’s super easy to add a Ratings column to a list – do it the same way you add any other column.  The experience of specifying your rating (in the form of a star, or a thumbs up/down) is fast and fluid.  Try it out!

Image Fields:  Now with Drag and Drop!Image Fields: Now with Drag and Drop!


Have you ever been frustrated at Image columns for making you browse through your filesystem to an image saved somewhere on your computer?  Now you can add images using drag and drop, or simply copy an image from the Web or your favorite application and paste it in.

There’s more we haven’t mentioned yet.  We’ve worked hard in this update to bring a bunch of smaller fixes and optimizations to everyday List experiences.  As just one more example – we’ve tweaked date and time columns to respect the region settings on your local machine.  No more editing dates in the time zone and region settings defined by the configuration of the backing SharePoint site. 

Calendar View Improvements


Roadmap #100504:  Microsoft Lists:  Calendar view – week layout


Colorful Calendars, A Week at a Time!Colorful Calendars, A Week at a Time!


As humans, we often direct the most feedback and encouragement towards those we love the most.  By this heuristic, Calendar view is one of our most-loved features!  Earlier this year, we took your encouragement and used that to fuel our delivery of the much-requested Week layout. 

Coming soon is an improvement to the conditional formatting capabilities of calendars.  If you’ve tried to format a calendar view recently, you might have discovered the need for a clever workaround to make column data available to the formatting engine (Thanks for the post, @techan_k!)  We’re working on a change that will make this a whole lot easier, because we think a splash of color is a good way to brighten up any week.

Fantastic Forms


Roadmap #124865:  Microsoft Lists: A new forms experience to collect information


Collect Data like Never Before with List forms!Collect Data like Never Before with List forms!


We are making it easier to collect and gather information through a new forms experience built right inside Microsoft Lists.  An event organizer, for example, can now create and manage multiple forms for the same list say one for internal users and another for external.  Forms can be made relevant, professional, and beautiful easily with custom logos, names, descriptions, and user-friendly questions instead of column names.  Form designers can hide fields that are not required and add new fields directly.  You can build the whole schema of a list right inside the form designer!  

Forms can be easily shared, and respondents can fill them out using any device.  All the form responses will appear immediately in your list after they’re submitted.  From there, it’s just like any other item in a list – and get the benefits of formatting, automations, and maybe you’ll even feel compelled to add a Ratings column and rate those submissions as they come in!

Turnkey Templates


Roadmap #100502:  Microsoft Lists - Approvals integration

Roadmap #70753:  Microsoft Lists – Custom list templates

Roadmap #117436:  Microsoft Lists - Flows packaged into custom List templates


Microsoft Lists first and foremost is about empowering normal people to create versatile and efficient databases to run their teams.  Custom templates take it to the next level for organizations that want to standardize how things get done.  Templates allow those organizations to provide consistent schema, views, formatting, and automations to define how things get tracked and how they move forward.


Run your Approval Processes inside Lists!Run your Approval Processes inside Lists!


There’s a lot to talk about in the world of List templates.  Earlier this year, we launched Approval integration with two out of the box Lists templates:  Travel Requests and Content Scheduler.  Items inside Lists from one of these two templates can be submitted for approval.  Those approvals can be managed using the Approvals app in Teams or directly inside the List.

Next up is organizational templates.  For those of you who have configured your Microsoft 365 tenancy to receive Targeted Release features, you’ve had this capability for a while now.  This is the core capability that allows organizations to package up a list schema, views, formatting, and rules into a template and have that template appear in the New List dialog.  This feature is coming to all tenancies soon – keep an eye on the roadmap.

Later this summer, we are taking it to the next level by allowing organizations to package Microsoft Power Automate flows directly inside their custom organizational templates.  Structured data and custom workflows are a magic combination that accomplish so much, from routing support tickets, driving internal planning milestones, to keeping business-critical pizza parties aligned and moving forward.  Now you can package all this up into turnkey business applications that anybody can create in just a few clicks.

But that’s not all!  Later this year, we’re proud to announce that all this power is coming to the world of document libraries as well.  Keep an eye on the roadmap for future updates and timelines if you’ve been eager to bring the power of templates and packaging to document-centric scenarios.

Microsoft Lists – at work, at home, and on the go


Roadmap #70705:  Microsoft Lists – Commenting (iOS)

For those of you using the Lists MSA preview to organize information for your personal life, your small business, or your side hustle – rest assured, the changes described in this post are coming to those lists as well.


MSA account is coming to our Lists mobile apps!MSA account is coming to our Lists mobile apps!


We're also proud to announce that Lists MSA support is coming to the Lists iOS app by the end of May, and Android app support is coming by the end of June.  Once this update is rolled out, you will be able to sign in with your work, school, OR MSA account inside these apps, and switch between them.


Comments in Lists are coming to mobileComments in Lists are coming to mobile


We're also bringing a much-requested feature to the iOS app which is the ability to view and edit comments!  Keep an eye on this blog and the roadmap for updates on this.  

Wrapping Up


Thanks for reading this far.  We are always listening to your feedback and concerns.  Don’t be shy; please can use the Feedback button at the top of the page when looking at a List to let us know what you think.

Brass Contributor

What about subtasks in a list item? Is that coming? 

Iron Contributor

Some great features here, thanks! Really like the way you can bring images into Lists.


Just needing the ability to export the list with the image, (not just the filepath to the image.) Probably asking the impossible.

Steel Contributor

Fantastic updates! This makes Lists a lot more user friendly and adds some smarts that you’d normally have to set up automations and custom apps for. Great work.

Brass Contributor

Can Lists be used for exporting data to Word file (e.g. data selected in a specific row -> export to Word). How to implement this?



Brass Contributor

How about a connection between lists and ToDo?

Brass Contributor



Lists is used by many as a database, with access rights setup on views filters as admin. People can’t view list content in Lists, only their content in the associated Powerapps app for example.


With this new “Clear filters” button you’ve just introduced quite a vulnerability, since you now let users remove something that was previously applied by admins.


So now now everyone can easily see everything, it made a *huge* mess here today.


I know rights should be applied to individual lines, but i suppose not many do it considering the hassle (powershell/flow only).



Brass Contributor

When will it be possible to have a tree view in SharePoint lists? Where you can nest items in a hierarchy? So I do not mean the 'group by' functionality.

Brass Contributor

Will the new SP form have the option to set fields as conditionally required? 

Brass Contributor

I agree with Marc01350Can the new filter pills feature be disabled on a list level? For example if the only public view I have has an "Assigned to is equal to [me]" filter and I don’t want to give users an option to view items assigned to other users. This is could really be a problem if users have the option to override filters applied by their administrators.


Rule #1: SharePoint Lists are not databases.

Rule #2: Read #1 again, and again, and again.

Brass Contributor

@escriccoNot our fault your colleagues made it the database of choice for Powerapps, considering how prohibitively expensive Dataverse is. Discovering Lists shouldn't be used after an update that brakes custom views and an official blog comment from you isn't great, especially worded like this.

Brass Contributor

As mentioned by Marc01350 and florianwachter, this feature is not good news.


This will significantly confuse end-User people as well as upset a lot of Application Designers and Developers across a range of disciplines.  Here are just a few reasons why I see this a being a massive backward step:-


  1. Imagine where a filtered View only displayed a list of 20 or so documents, and then a user clicks on ‘Clear Filters’ and they get presented with 2,000!  How does that make it ‘easier’ for end-users to find the document they want to refer to or look at? 
  2. Where the AssignedTo = [Me] approach can be ‘broken’ and I can see what other people are responsible for. 
  3. A ‘Status’ field as a filter shows only ‘Live’ documents and but with ‘Clear Filters’ clicked you can see ‘Draft’, 'Work in Progress’, ‘Out of Date’ etc and all in no particular order!
  4. A date and time dependent View with a ‘Today’ filter then shows all documents regardless. 


A good way of considering some of the implications is to consider this in relation to common applications.  Just think what happens with some of the data prepared through commonly used Power Apps!  What changes when users can ‘see’ all documents within your Expense Approval system / Vacation requests / Incident management / Support desk tickets / Onboarding process etc etc. 


This is a seemingly simple feature which has massive adverse implications and where the bigger picture was most definitely not thought about when being considered for inclusion.

Brass Contributor

I do agree security by obscurity isn't security but when evaluating risks/costs/benefits of an app it's up to us, the client, to decide. Yes, hiding views was enough for us. A user "stumbling" upon the whole list with some connector or random digging was an *assumed* risk, considering the data. Our freaking decision to make. Problem is when MS completely destroys the equation with a new "feature" and now the risk is simply too high, but the app is live.

Brass Contributor

As others have stated, the rollout of Applied Filters breaks years (decades?) of best practices within SharePoint from Microsoft's own guidance.  This is something that should have been opt-in, not opt-out from the beginning, and we definitely need an option to hide this feature as we've previously done for many, many years.


If things are changing this much with the products, it will be hard to find much faith in the future of Microsoft's projects - it seems like literally anyone can suggest a change, do it, and not care about what it breaks in the process.  That level of disruption rarely works well in any organization.  It certainly doesn't bode well for SharePoint developers, who have been some of the most faithful MS evangelists for a long time now.

Brass Contributor

@escricco : The issue here is that you are changing the rules of the game after a lot has been built.  Now, you've made a product that many have used for decades unattractive to many organizations.  It's easy enough to repeat mantras, but when new and unforced "features" break a product and there's no return path, it's a bad decision.

Iron Contributor

I would be OK to make the Applied Filters ‘readonly’ for a specific view, because I do like the instant insight it delivers.
the ‘Clear filters’ option… not so much

Iron Contributor

Wasn’t there a clear difference between being a Contributor or an Editor for a List? Contributors should have Readonly Applied Filters for Public Views (Editable for their own views) and Editors can have it the way it is implemented now. 

Hope I’m making some sense to someone

Brass Contributor

I took a few minutes yesterday to consider the wording of the planned change and the wording implies something different to that which I believe has been developed.  Feature ID 117585 states:


“As you add and adjust filters to narrow or expand what appears in the current list view, you'll now see which filters have been applied. And you can remove them without going back into the column filter pane. You do this now in the top-left portion of the list.”  


Which means to me that if you add or adjust the filtering of a View, then those changes can be removed without returning to a column filter pane.  It makes no mentioned at all of a ‘Clear Filters’ options where you end up with the equivalent of an open ‘All Items’ view.  And what’s worse I think, is that this was added to the roadmap on 23rd March 2023!  So how much user engagement, discussions and time was set aside to consider the implications of this?  Who gave the go-ahead with only 5 weeks between being added to the roadmap and the delivery of this additional functionality! Is this is norm for this kind of change?  If I wanted to be snarky about this I would say it’s Project Planning on the ‘back of a **bleep**-packet (cigarette packet)’.


So the above being said (and I don’t want this in any way to devolve in a discussion of semantics), please can people make suggestions about what can now be done to address this?  Can it be rolled back?  Most importantly can it be 'improved' to make it an optional change which is switched on/off for each list? Can we make a suggestion to remove the wretched things via the User Voice and mob it to death via that?  If a change can supposedly be added and happen in 5 weeks, then it ought to be removed in an equivalent time – correct?


As stated in jnlce’s second comment, this ‘…breaks a product and there is no (obvious) return path, it’s a bad decision.’

Steel Contributor

I've encountered a behavior that breaks many of our legacy SharePoint lists, namely, how they behave when they are shared anonymously with edit privileges enabled. Anonymous users for some odd reason cannot switch to edit in Grid View, and the ability to export a list to Excel is disabled/missing as well. The freezing of the first column in a tabular grid therefore is not available to anonymous users. Oddly, export to Power BI is still enabled for anonymous users, which makes even less sense to me.


Can anyone from MS comment? Without saying that it's "by design"?:cryingwithlaughter:

Brass Contributor

I was triggered by the remark of @escricco stating that Lists are not databases....


Since Lists support handling tables of data , and can be linked to another... and are contained in some sort of "managed environment" , then what are the arguments for making a disctinction between Lists and databases?


What are distinctive criteria of when to use Lists as a solution for managing table data, and when to use a database tool?



Brass Contributor

Given that we can use JSON to control the Command Bar, can we not have a similar format option on a view to hide the pills?

Brass Contributor

Dropping Notion and moving to Lists. Great work!

Brass Contributor

Is it possible with MS Lists to search within another MS List, based on an input in first list?


We have 2 Lists,

List A, List B.


List A has following data:

column 1:

(drop down selection box, consisting of searchexample1 , searchexample2, searchexample3)

column 2:

resulting value: (to be picked up from List B - see below)


List B has following data:

column1:                 column2:

searchexample1      bogus1.1

searchexample2      bogus2.1

searchexample2      bogus2.2

searchexample2      bogus2.3

searchexample3      bogus3


Example 1:

List A:  user selects "searchexample2" from a dropdown (selection) list

User gets a presented a dropdown selection, consisting of bogus2.1, bogus 2.2, bogus 2.3


Example 2:

List A, user selects "searchexample3"

User gets presented selection consisting only of bogus3


Appreciate any help/feedback




Copper Contributor

This is what needs to be improved:

1. Lists for the tasks
2. Tasks and subtasks
3. Be able to move the cards in the board view
4. Make it simpler to delete a view
5. When uploading files have the option to connect to one drive and associate the file with the task
6. Rearrange the tasks if you want to. 
7. UI/UX should have small titlles for the options e.g where the Views are , just place 'Views' in the menu. 

Brass Contributor

Question for Nigel365  .

Do you have any examples or links to support material you can direct me to please regarding including JSON to control the Command Bar.  Also have you made any experiments regarding using the same approach to 'limit' the visibility of the Filter Pill features? 

Any progress in controlling this would be very much welcomed by several company's we've worked with who are now getting Support calls where end-users are confused / annoyed / frustrated by these additions and who are getting lost in the midst of several thousand documents!!!

Ideally an Admin controlled 'switch it off' command would be ideal!

Regards and thanks.  Alan C.

Brass Contributor
Microsoft Lists first and foremost is about empowering normal people to create versatile and efficient databases to run their teams

It is funny that Microsoft is referring to Lists as a database, while it is not and shouldn't be used as one. So I agree with @escricco. I do understand the usecase of @Marc, but a list can always be reached if someone knows the URL (in case the List is hidden) or by searching for it through MS Search (if it is configured as searchable). It would be great if we could Lists as a database, but that is another discussion...

Brass Contributor



Since Lists support handling tables of data , and can be linked to another... and are contained in some sort of "managed environment" , then what are the arguments for making a disctinction between Lists and databases?


What are distinctive criteria of when to use Lists as a solution for managing table data, and when to use a database tool?

Copper Contributor

Anybody still waiting for this change to be pushed to their org?

I've got it on personal MS account but not with company organisation.


Hello all!  I am sorry for the delayed reply on this thread.  We appreciate all the feedback we have received, in this thread and though other channels, around the change to display "Filter Pills" for filters saved to views.  Based on this feedback, we have tweaked the design to achieve hopefully a better balance.  We would like to hear whether you all agree.


We broke down the filter pills feature into two parts:

  1. Users can see what filters are saved to the current view
  2. Users can clear filters that are saved to the current view

We think 1 is unambiguously good - it's simply good user experience to communicate why the user is seeing the slice of items that they're seeing, and why some things are intentionally omitted. 


We now understand, thanks to your feedback, that the goodness of 2 is not as straightforward.  Views are often created with a particular intent.  It's often helpful to create rails that guide users down particular paths; and giving everybody the ability to clear these filters can diminish the value of deliberate information curation.


The tweak we have made is this:  we are restricting the set of users who can clear saved filters (#2 above) to users who have Manage Views permission on the list.  So - if you have the ability to change the saved filters, you can clear them; if you do not have those permissions, then filters saved to views are locked as they once were and cannot be changed unless you switch views.


This change should now be live in all environments that have filter pills - please try it out and let us know if we've gotten it right.

Brass Contributor

Is there any way to see which version of Lists is currently deployed in my organisation? (from an end-user approach)?



Copper Contributor

Will the next Lists experience support the shortened SP URL experience as in other Office Apps? I want to paste in a sharing URL and have it auto resolve to a more friendly view rather than the full URL.

Brass Contributor

Love it! 

Copper Contributor

@Lincoln DeMaris I'm noticing a recent issue with @mention in a List.  It is generating 2 identical comments and sending 2 emails where the button link to view the comment is different.  So you can't delete a duplicate comment since you won't know which email the recipient will use.   Is this a known issue?  Any chance the tweak to the filters broke something in the flow of commenting?   It wasn't happening in early June.  I see the duplicate sent comments in my Outlook sent items and they are always approximately 15 minutes apart. Sounds like a timer thing?Thanks.

Brass Contributor

There are lots of changes to look forward to here.  Is there any ETA on each of these changes? Or are there individual Message Center updates for these changes so that we can follow and see when each hits our tenant?  

Copper Contributor

List has become one of my most favorite things. The power here is immense. However, List are databases. If it is not, someone please tell Power Apps. 


I do have one huge ask that I hope will not fall on deaf ears....wait I'm typing this....eyes.  Please consider converting a Person column to behave like Location column. If I want 3 columns with employee name, title, and email. And I want them to come from Active Directory, so my BA don't claim to be VPs. I would have to create 3 columns with 3 form fields. So a user has to type their name 3 times. Location treats this differently, you search a street and get columns for City, State, and Zip Code. This is an efficient use of background data. If there is a concern for security, then put limits to what fields can be allowed.


Enabling this in List can take one step closer to taking on ServiceNow, PeopleSoft... or better integration to say the least.



Brass Contributor

@ThomasRoss Your request is a perfect demonstration of why Lists are NOT databases...

Brass Contributor

@pastaliefhebber for one, because there is listview threshold. And for the use of PowerApps. Performance reasons ofcourse. In many advanced cases a (SQL) database would be much better then Lists, which does have some corresponding points but not all that of a real database. Maybe Lists can disguise as a simple database, but it still isn't.

Copper Contributor

One of the biggest limitations with lists I have come across is that you can't share Lists across modern Sharepoint sites, which means there is no way of having a common List that is used as the basis for populating other Lists (via a lookup column). You can do it within a site, but not across sites. This seems to be a very big limitation to me. Shame as Lists otherwise have some much promise.



Brass Contributor

@chris_chad see my earlier posting dated ‎May 21 2023 05:36 AM

Brass Contributor

I don't see roadmap ID #100503(SharePoint: Microsoft Lists - - New Lookup column type support) being discussed. What's the status of that roadmap item? It's tied to Lists and has been announced much earlier. No updates since Nov. 2022.

Brass Contributor

@Lincoln DeMaris I appreciate the more measured response to these (revoking the "Clear" option for lower access levels was especially helpful), however months later, we're still seeing mass confusion among our users who just don't know how to process the "Applied Filters" information at all.  Classic views, especially, are difficult for them: we have views showing items that are filtered for a specific date, and all they reflect is "Today" in the pill (even though it may be a view for the past 2 weeks), which beside being not helpful at all, is just incorrect.


We'd still like to see a kill switch for these.  Even something like the new/upcoming "ListsShowHeaderAndNavigation" setting would be appreciated.

Brass Contributor

Can the Applied Filters function PLEASE distinguish between filters applied in the setup of the view and those applied by the user? If I create a view using a filter, I don't want that view to have a Clear Filters pill!! I also don't necessarily want the column name to show up in the title or expanders. For example, having separate views filtered by Division, which is an additional column from a lookup in this list, show a title prefixed with "Division_x003a__x0020_Title:" is really not helpful. I had formatted the view to remove this but since the pills were released the view formatting on the group header no longer works. It no longer shows the number of items for that group either. Filter pills and the Clear Filters pill are a really cool feature for the user to add and remove filters without having to open the filter panel, but it should not break existing formatting and grouping functionality in views where the filter and/or grouping is set in the view definition.


Please fix this feature so that it does not break existing functionality, or give us a way to use view formatting to control what is and isn't included ourselves, or at least a way to turn it off for specific views. @Lincoln DeMaris Yes, your change is good but the pill is still breaking my formatting. How do I get rid of the column name? Can I please tell it not to show "ASD" as a pill? A great way would be to add a checkbox under the Filter portion of the view form like there is for the Sort section:


It could say [  ] Do not apply Filter Pills to these filters (users will not be able to remove them).


UPDATE: This has improved on custom lists and added Document Library views but on the Default Document Library, it has not.

When the view is filtered in the design, it sometimes shows a message about being filtered, which is fine, but now the group headings are gone unless the view is embedded in a page. Also, certain types of filters still do the pill thing, like Assigned To: [Me]. All of these screenshots were taken today: 11/03/2023

mduCantoo_0-1699061125307.png      mduCantoo_1-1699061503218.png    mduCantoo_2-1699061562893.png

The first image is grouped, the second ungrouped, and the third grouped. There doesn't seem to be any consistency in when it does the pill and when it doesn't unless it is the groupings that trigger the message instead of the pill(s). Also, I think I am building the grouping header in the JSON view formatting on that last image so that might be why those show and the default one in the first image does not.


So, some progress but still not right yet. Some of the views we use have only column formatting, some have view formatting, and some view formatting includes the grouping headers. Some are grouped, some are not. The views should look the same in the library as they do embedded in a page.


Thanks for not giving up.




Brass Contributor

@Lincoln DeMaris  To further emphasize our primary complaints with this, here is how the new pill displays on of our views after we manually filter a column (in this example, we manually filtered on the Country heading to see only the value 'CANADA'):


Applied Filters brought in the 'USA' column after this selection, which is causing confusion, as this view specifically has a filter to EXCLUDE all 'USA' values, as seen in the Edit View portion of List Settings:


This behavior is even more troublesome on our date-filtered views, some of which we have used for decades without any issues.  In those examples, the pill will simply show 'Today' without any corresponding calculation.


For this reason, we really, desperately, truly need some sort of opt-out on this feature - as it clearly isn't even working as was intended.  We will likely entertain other products if this can't ever be reverted, which has been the indication from the support team.

Copper Contributor

Does anyone know if it is possible to drag and drop multiple cards simultaneously, in board view?


Brass Contributor

I run into an issue with calculating field.


Please can anyone help me with solving it:


I have created a List in MS Teams.

This list has 3 columns:

k1: type number

k2: type number

som: type number


I created one 1 entry with following:

k1: value 1

k2: value 2

som: =[k1]+[k2]


expected value to be displayed: 3

however, its not. In enter mode, I get an error message displayed:  "input is of wrong type". What am I doing wrong?


Anyone with tips or ideas? Thanks2023-08-18_11h00_23.png

Brass Contributor

@pastaliefhebber column 'som' should be of type 'calculated'. You can open the list in SharePoint and add a calculated column there. Only columns of type 'calculated' can achieve what you want.

Brass Contributor

@AnoRnymous  that helped. thanks

Brass Contributor

In the current version of Teams, the content and column names are not included in the search function of MS Teams.


In other words: the contents of MS Lists are not shown in the search results in the MS Teams search function (top line in Teams).


I would like to see that changed. we are currently working to put more and more information in MS Lists, unfortunately this information cannot be found at the moment...


Is this a known limitation of MSTeams / Search funtion and/or MS Lists?



Brass Contributor

A reminder in an MS List can currently only be set on a manually entered date field.
Reminder means: sending a notification (and/or email) a few days before the date occurs.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible with calculated date fields. Not via Automate -> Set Reminder.

I would also like to see this possible for calculated date/time fields


Example see below:

date1 = manually entered date field;

date2 = calculated date field;


I want to create a trigger (herinnering), only date1 is available for selection.



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Will there also be an improvement on the image upload method for "modern" Richtext-fields? I welcome the drag&drop method for the image-field but would rather have it for the richtext-field.

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