Microsoft Graph Fundamentals now on Microsoft Learn
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We are excited to share that we have released a new learning path on Microsoft Learn, Microsoft Graph Fundamentals, which is a multi-part series that teaches you basic concepts of Microsoft Graph. It will guide you with hands-on exercises on how to use Microsoft Graph Application Programming Interface (API) requests to start developing or enhancing your applications with Microsoft 365 data. 


What is Microsoft Graph? 


Microsoft Graph is the API for Microsoft 365. It is the culmination of most of the data you have in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security all readily available to be accessed and used in your application by consuming its unified programmability model. 


Why use Microsoft Graph? 


Microsoft Graph helps you take advantage of a secured, unified API that can be used to connect applications to data located in various Microsoft 365 services. Developers can get started with Microsoft Graph quickly and access data across an organization without having to learn how individual Microsoft 365 services work. Security is a critical part of any organization, and Microsoft Graph helps provide built-in security to control access to various services. 


Ready to get started?


Go to and complete the learning path to understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Graph with lots of exercises to involve you in the learning process. 



About the learning path  


There are three modules that will take you on a journey through Microsoft Graph and how to use it in an application:


  1. In the first module, What is Microsoft Graph? you will be introduced to Microsoft Graph and basic concepts. 
  2. In the second module, Configure a JavaScript application to retrieve Microsoft 365 data using Microsoft Graph, you will start configuring a sample JavaScript application to connect to Microsoft 365.
  3. In the third module, Access user photo information with Microsoft Graph, you will be able to extend the sample JavaScript application to access a user’s photo information in Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Graph modules in Microsoft Learn.png


What do I need to know to complete the learning path?


The following are some basic prerequisites that will help you complete the Microsoft Graph learning path:  

  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365. 
  • Basic knowledge of Representational State Transfer (REST) services and APIs.
  • Ability to develop JavaScript applications. 
  • Basic understanding of Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Microsoft Identity concepts (preferred, but not mandatory). 

For the exercises you will need: 


If you are not familiar with Microsoft 365 tenants or dev tenants, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at Julie Turner's blog, What is a Dev tenant and why would you want one?


Want to learn more about Graph? Join us for a two-hour livestream event created by developers, for developers. Let’s talk app development with Microsoft Graph!  


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Go to and RSVP to start learning how to build apps with Microsoft Graph and connect with our developer community! 

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