Microsoft 365 Live Events Assistance Program - Now Available!
Published Feb 20 2020 12:16 PM 20K Views
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Beginning today, Microsoft 365 is launching the public preview of a new support service for customers to help deliver live events using Teams, Stream or Yammer.  The new program provides assistance to help customers better understand functionality, and assist with the setup and delivery of live event broadcasts.


Attendee view during Teams live eventAttendee view during Teams live event


Creating live and on-demand broadcasts to reach up to 10,000 attendees with compelling communications, rich video and dialog has never been easier. Whether you are new to hosting live events, or just need some extra help, Microsoft can provide you with guidance and assistance to deliver your best live event broadcasts.


Attendee view during Yammer live eventAttendee view during Yammer live event


With Microsoft live events assistance, we can help you get more familiar with setting up and running a live event or even be available during your live event to help if any questions or issues come up.


During preview, the assistance program is free to customers using Teams, Stream or Yammer to deliver their events. Learn more and get started!


Producer view for Stream live eventProducer view for Stream live event





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