Microsoft 365 Enterprise is all about business scenarios
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Microsoft 365 Enterprise is much more than just a large group of integrated features and services. Think of it as a box of building blocks, some of which are required for a foundation and some that can be used to create buildings on the campus of an organization. The buildings are designed for different purposes but serve larger organizational needs and goals.


Transform the building blocks into services and features of Microsoft 365 Enterprise and when combining them, you get targeted scenarios that provide direct business value beyond the use of the services and features alone.


To this end, we have documented three scenarios that illustrate this capability:





In each of these cases, we have taken a variety of infrastructure, productivity, and security features to enable a larger scenario that fills a business or IT need.


We have also given you multiple resources to make the scenario happen in your organization:


  • A 1-page overview poster to get a high-level understanding of the scenario and use it as a resource to sell the scenario up the approval chain.
  • A Test Lab Guide to set up a proof-of-concept for demonstrations and to fine-tune your eventual production implementation
  • A fictional but representative example deployment to understand a real-world use of the scenario
  • A step-by-step implementation roadmap for deployment and driving user adoption

Are there additional business or IT scenarios that we need to look at? If so, please leave a comment on this article.




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