Meet Clipchamp —Microsoft’s New Video Editing App to Empower Creators!
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The folks at Clipchamp have always been big fans of video who are more inclined to press a play button than scroll through photos or skim over paragraphs. Fast-forward to 2021, and it appears the rest of the world is on team video too.  


How so? Just look online-over 1 billion of us are on TikTok; a video-based platform that’s quickly eclipsing its competitors. Or, think of work — how many video calls have you made this year? It’s clear we’ve to come to realize that images and text alone don’t always get the job done. Whatever we’re doing, we want to create and consume content in the most authentic way possible, and that’s where video comes into play. 


Video is the format that reflects reality. With it, we can see faces, hear voices, and really connect with what we’re watching. It’s the new go-to way to communicate, learn, sell, and keep records. And while creating videos used to be hard and time-consuming, now there are editing products that make it easy for anyone— products like Clipchamp. 


What is Clipchamp?  


Microsoft recently acquired Clipchamp; a video editor that empowers you to turn your visions for video into reality. Clipchamp is focused on making video creation simple and fun without taking away the flexibility that lets you fine tune the details.  


Speaking of details, let’s see exactly what Clipchamp has to offer!


Timeline Editing



Timelines are a pretty standard interface for professional video editing, but because it’s made for everyday editors, Clipchamp’s timeline is a little different. The design is intuitive and lets users easily drag and drop content like videos and music that snap into place in the timeline.


From there, it’s just a few clicks to perform simple tasks like trimming, removing a flub in a recording, or more complex actions like splitting audio from a video clip. Unlike other platforms built for pros, Clipchamp keeps the timeline clean and simple while still giving you control over your creation.  


In-App Creation Tools



Video creation used to come with, quite literally, a lot of baggage — equipment like cameras, tripods, ring lights and more. To lighten the load for users, Clipchamp has several creation tools built right in.  


A camera and screen recorder lets users capture content without leaving Clipchamp. Once a recording is complete, it simply appears in the timeline like any other piece of content, ready for editing. Excitingly, Clipchamp also offers a text-to-speech generator powered by Microsoft Azure — it contains over 170 lifelike voices across 70 languages, so that you don’t have to find a voiceover artist or do your own! 


Creative Editing Extras 



Clipchamp understands that video creation isn’t just about footage, it’s also about all of the special touches creators add to it. From animated text in your favorite font, to colorful filters, Clipchamp offers a lot of creative tools on top of the essentials.


To get that pro video look, users can add transitions or colorful overlays between clips, or swap out the visuals while you keep your talk track intact. To stay on-brand, you can establish a brand kit filled with your specific color palette, custom font and logo to make every video match your style. Clipchamp has even integrated with GIPHY to give users access to its ever-growing library of lol-worthy gifs and stickers.


Royalty-Free Stock



Clipchamp offers a generous stock selection of more than one million songs, sound effects, videos and images. Ironically, we’d say this isn’t your stock standard offering. Clipchamp curates its large selection of stock into bite-sized collections that speed up the search experience for users.  


Our fans know that throughout the year Clipchamp adds collections based on trends like “Lo-fi chill” music, use cases, like “fitness” videos, and seasonal collections to align with your calendar. 


Designer-Made Templates



Starting from scratch can be intimidating (and time consuming). Thankfully, Clipchamp offers video templates to get users started. Whether you’re creating a waiting screen for your Twitch stream or an ad for Instagram, there’s a template to help you out.  


Search through some of the collections the team at Clipchamp has put together, then choose a template to see it appear on the timeline, ready for editing.  


We’re Excited to Welcome Clipchamp


We said it at the start of this article, but we’ll say it again — video is the format of the future. Thanks to Clipchamp, we’ve got a glimpse into just how exciting this future can be. Whether you’re an avid video creator or an first-time editor, we encourage you to explore this exciting new addition to the Microsoft family. Try it for free now at Or, download it from the Windows Store.


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