Managing browser security easily with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and Microsoft Edge
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With so many customers to manage and browser security ever evolving, it can be quite a challenge for managed service providers (MSP) to keep up with the latest security recommendations and secure devices and data across their customer base. Announced at Ignite 2020, Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is a platform that allows MSPs to scale the management of their small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers in a single, comprehensive portal, available at no additional cost for eligible MSPs. With Lighthouse, MSPs can get recommended security configuration baselines tailored to SMB customers, quickly find and investigate risks, and proactively take action to get their customers to a healthy and secure state. The addition of the Microsoft Edge policy to the default baseline will make it easier for MSPs to consistently deploy Microsoft Edge security settings to users across SMB customers, saving them time and giving customers peace of mind that their users and their data are protected.


MSPs have the challenging task of managing customers across the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to troubleshooting to managing operational improvements. To simplify this challenge, Lighthouse provides recommended settings and policies, including Microsoft Edge security settings. Using Lighthouse, MSPs can see threat landscape, device compliance, risky user sign-ins, which of their tenants have Microsoft Edge policy deployed or not, and much more in a single portal. This allows MSPs to proactively manage tenants for onboarding across their customer base and quickly identify which customers need attention, as well as drive standardization to generate operational efficiencies.


With cyber-attacks on the rise, it is more important than ever for MSPs to proactively protect their customers, starting with a trusted browser. Among other benefits, Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome for your business on Windows. Because of this, many global enterprises, such as GSK, Cerner, and National Australia Bank trust Microsoft Edge for better security with less effort. MSPs now have the ability to offer this level of security easily to all their customers through a single portal.


To get started with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and deploy Microsoft Edge security settings easily to customers, visit Sign up for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. Lighthouse is already generally available at no cost for MSPs that meet the requirements listed here.


Deploying the Microsoft Edge Settings


A GIF demonstrating how to deploy Microsoft Edge security settings in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.A GIF demonstrating how to deploy Microsoft Edge security settings in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

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