Introducing Microsoft Viva

Published 02-04-2021 06:00 AM 35K Views
By Seth Patton, General Manager, Microsoft 365 Next Gen Productivity & Employee Experience


Microsoft Viva

Today we are announcing Microsoft Viva, the first Employee Experience Platform (EXP) built for the digital era.  Viva brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into an integrated employee experience that empowers people and teams to be their best, from anywhere.


For all the details on Microsoft Viva, read our official announcement blog at


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Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections offers a new way for leaders to shape culture and invite employees to participate in building an inclusive workplace that helps everyone succeed by giving people a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources.


Viva Connections is personalized and appears in the apps and devices employees already use every day, such as Microsoft Teams.


For all the details on Viva Connections, read our official announcement blog at


Microsoft Viva Insights

To help people achieve balance, build better work habits, and find focus wherever and whenever they need it, we’re excited to introduce Viva Insights – available in Microsoft Teams starting today in public preview. Viva Insights gives individuals, managers, and leaders personalized and actionable insights that help everyone in an organization thrive. In addition to new productivity and wellbeing experiences and insights in Microsoft Teams, Viva Insights will, over time, bring the power of Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Microsoft MyAnalytics together under the Microsoft Viva brand.


Viva Insights is designed to protect privacy. Personal insights are visible only to the individual, and for manager and leader insights, customers can rely on safeguards like de-identification, aggregation, and differential privacy by default.


For all the details on Viva Insights, read our official announcement blog at


Microsoft Viva Learning

Viva Learning empowers everyone to gain targeted skills in the flow of their work by creating a central hub for learning in Microsoft Teams where people can discover, share, assign, and learn from content libraries available across the organization.


For all the details on Viva Learning, read our official announcement blog at


Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps they use every day and to connect, manage, and protect content across systems and teams.


We’re pleased to announce that today, Viva Topics has reached general availability for our commercial customers.


For all the details on Viva Topics, read our official announcement blog at

Senior Member

It is great to see Microsoft capitalising on the great opportunity presented, to EMPOWER each and every single one of us!


I love the idea, I love the concept, you guys are AMAZING! Thank you!!!


Happy Azure Stacking!!!

Occasional Visitor

Interested in the application.. how can I request a demo?




Hi @Susan you can see in-product images, GIFs, detailed information, and links to videos in the 4 module blogs linked above. You can also sign up to learn more about Microsoft Viva and receive our newsletter by filling out this form

Occasional Visitor

This product came at great time for me. I was building similar concepts combining some other add-in in Microsoft team to achieve better employee experience.

I am glad Microsoft see this and go for it.

I will love to have access to the environment to trial it out and even rollout.

Well done Team Microsoft :smile::happyface:

Occasional Visitor

Wow, the wait is over, finally, Microsoft launches a global helper platform"Comes late but comes right" i have created a youtube channel for helps people regarding Microsoft viva My channel Microsoft Viva Urdu


Thanks for doing such an amazing job

Regular Visitor

I will go read the announcement.  My Question is this going to be another added feature we have to pay for?  My problem is I am in a "hybrid" environment.  Adoption is always hard.


Senior Member

Is there any feature in Viva to notify Teams users  on Announcements or any other feature like posting important messages to Teams users.

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