Introducing Microsoft 365 Learning Paths on Microsoft Learn
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As the pace at which technologies are evolving continues to accelerate, the need for evergreen and consumable readiness training is more important than ever before. This year at Microsoft Ignite we introduced learning paths: a series of connected learning modules including sessions, hands-on experiences, technical workshops, and certifications. By continually building on previous modules a learner can develop a comprehensive set of skills throughout the event while being connected with the leading experts in those solution areas.


While Microsoft events are always a fun and educational experience, you don’t need to be attending one to get started – queue Microsoft Learn! Microsoft Learn provides a new approach to learning by offering on-demand dynamic and interactive experiences to help you achieve your technical and professional goals faster. Through self-guided learning paths, you can take charge of your own learning and choose the expertise level you’d like to achieve. Even more rewarding, Microsoft Learn gamifies learning by enabling you to track progress, check knowledge, and validate deployments to earn points, levels, achievements, and trophies. ​Start your learning off by taking just a few of the free, bite-sized modules on relevant solutions or walk through an entire learning path to set yourself up to achieve an industry-recognized certification!




For Microsoft 365 we are thrilled to offer a collection of 22 learning paths ranging from collaborating with Microsoft Teams to protecting your organizational data and information with Microsoft 365! We’ve included some of our most popular learning paths directly below to jump straight into your learning!

Coming soon for Microsoft Ignite!

  • Manage security with Microsoft 365
  • Protect against threats with Microsoft 365
  • Protect enterprise information with Microsoft 365
  • Upgrade to Microsoft Teams
  • Upgrade Office for IT at scale

We’re also excited to announce that the following learning paths now include hands-on and interactive experiences! Throughout the modules as a learner you will be able to utilize a click-thru guide with narration to walk through a configuration or enablement of that solution. Based on industry research we have seen that by adding an experiential hands-on component to the modules learners understand the “how” and “why” behind the solution implementations. By enabling IT Pros to experience the deep-dive technical details and best practice implementations, we can empower all IT Pros to be more confident working with our solutions. Check out these Learning Paths to get hands-on!



Microsoft Learn is just the beginning

For those looking to level-up further, you can earn a technical certification that shows you are keeping pace with today’s roles and requirements. Our industry-recognized certification equips you with the credentials, technical skills, and confidence you need to prove your expertise to employers and peers and land the opportunities you’ve earned. 70% of IT Professionals who pursued certification exams in the past year say they experienced improvement in on-the-job effectiveness! ​



Jump-start your career and demonstrate your achievements through industry-recognized Microsoft certifications.

Explore all certifications

Instructor-led training

Sharpen your technology skills with in-depth, on-demand training in virtual classrooms led by Microsoft Certified Trainers.

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More learning

Choose from a wide range of programs designed to fit your learning needs and help you take your IT skills and your career to the next level.

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Ready to get started? Visit Microsoft Learn and begin your learning today!​ We will continue adding more Microsoft 365 content to Microsoft Learn, updating the existing learning paths and creating new ones covering our latest products and services. We’ll be highlighting the latest work we’re doing on Microsoft Learn here on the Microsoft 365 blog and Tech Community. We greatly appreciate the feedback on the existing learning path content and are always looking to hear what we should be focusing on building out next – let us know in the comments.


Whether you’re attending virtually or in-person, we hope to see everyone at Microsoft Ignite!

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