Helping teachers and students make the switch to remote learning

Published Mar 12 2020 08:52 AM 934 Views


Over the past two weeks, we’ve published a series of blog posts aimed at helping our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes a letter from Lily Zheng, our friend and coworker in Shanghai. Lily’s letter included lessons she’d gathered from China-based Education customers who moved to 100 percent remote learning back in February. Faced with delaying the term, these schools sprung into action, quickly migrating their entire curriculum online. And as countries around the world are impacted by the outbreak, many more educational organizations will need to do the same.


The Microsoft Education team focus on creating technology for schools and universities, and they count a number of remote-learning educators among their customers. Barbara Holzapfel, General Manager of Microsoft Education Marketing, has asked some of these experts to share the remote-learning tips that they’ve gathered over the yearsFrom preserving student-teacher 1:1s to bringing lessons to life in the virtual classroom, it’s rich with useful advice for any educational organization that may soon be moving online.


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