Five recent collaboration and canvas improvements to the Visio web app
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As all of us try to navigate this rapidly changing work environment, the Visio has been busy working to incorporate your feedback and requests—from simple canvas improvements to new collaboration experiences—enabling remote teams to ideate and visualize seamlessly. Read on for a quick recap of five recent collaboration and canvas improvements recently released for the Visio for the web.


  1. Real-time coauthoring in Visio for the web: The first wave of this enhancement makes it easier than ever to co-create and edit diagrams simultaneously within the Visio web app. You and your collaborators with a Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 subscription can see where coauthors are working in the canvas with a simple presence indicator, and also add or reply to comments in real time.

 Real-time coauthoring in Visio for the web.gif



  1. Create new Visio diagrams in Microsoft Teams: The title says it all. You can now create diagrams directly in Teams from the Files tab above the conversation window in your Teams channel. Select New > Visio drawing, then collaborate with your team members. You can easily share your Visio drawings with colleagues, since files stored in your Team’s file library are accessible to every member—making it easy for colleagues to edit and comment on your work.



Create new Visio drawings in Microsoft Teams.gif



  1. New connection experience in Visio for the web: Connection experience in Visio for the web is more intuitive and seamless than ever. You can now create connectors from any desired point on a shape to any point on the same or another shape. Move the connection point on a shape to allow better alignment of connectors, add multiple arrows between shapes to distinctively represent to and from relationships, and create as many connectors on a shape as needed. To get started, hover over the edge of the shape until green circles highlight the possible connection points, then click on the desired point and drag the connector to the desired destination point.


New connection experience in Visio for the web - 990px.gif


  1. Centralized Deployment of the Visio Data Visualizer add-in: Since announcing the public preview of the Visio Data Visualizer add-in for Excel, we’ve worked on improving and making the add-in available to all Office 365 ProPlus users. As an IT admin, you can now deploy the add-in to everyone in your tenant or specific users via a group using the Microsoft 365 admin center and Centralized Deployment.

Centralized Deployment of DV add-in.gif


  1. Canvas improvements in Visio for the web: A trio of canvas improvements further enhance the Visio for the web experience.


  • Pinch and zoom: The first new feature enables you to use the pinch and zoom functionality to focus on certain elements in your diagram. Zoom in and out of the diagram by using your fingers on your touch-enabled device.


  • Change shape: The second enables you to easily change shapes in your diagram. You can now replace an existing shape in your diagram with a more relevant shape from the same stencil or another Visio stencil with just a few clicks. The new shape will retain the formatting, connectors, and all other characteristics of the existing shape.

Change shape in Visio for the web - 990px.gif



  • Copy diagram image: The third enables you to add an image of your diagram to other documents to easily share with stakeholders. Copy your entire diagram—or a subset of it—and paste it as an image in your process documentation, presentation, or other documents you are working on.

Copy diagram image - 990px.gif




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