Cloud Policy service adds the ability to apply policies to everyone
Published Apr 24 2023 07:51 AM 2,134 Views

Today begins the rollout for a new feature in the Cloud Policy service that allows you to create a policy configuration that applies to all users.  This new option does not require you to select a group or worry about managing group membership, simply choose the option 'This policy configuration applies to all users' and the policies you configure will be applied to all users and the apps they use that support those policies.




If you use this option keep the following in mind:

  • You can only have one configuration that is set to the all users scope
  • If you do not have a configuration that is set to the all users scope, you can use the Copy action to make a copy of an existing configuration and set its scope to all users
  • Priority is used to determine the policy value for a user if there are any conflicting policy values from other configurations that also apply to the user



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