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A teaser image showing a web browser on Bing Chat EnterpriseA teaser image showing a web browser on Bing Chat Enterprise



At Microsoft Inspire, we announced Bing Chat Enterprise, AI-powered chat for work that lets organizations confidently take their first steps generative AI. 

Bing Chat Enterprise, available in Preview, gives your organization AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection. With Bing Chat Enterprise, user and business data are protected and will not leak outside the organization. What goes in—and comes out—remains protected. Chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no eyes-on access to your data, and your data is not used to train the models. Whether researching industry insights, analyzing data, or looking for inspiration, Bing Chat Enterprise gives people access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative. 






(Updated: August 21, 2023) Which Microsoft 365 customers are eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise at no additional cost? 
Customers licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, A3 or A5 for faculty, Business Standard, or Business Premium are eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise at no additional cost during preview and once Bing Chat Enterprise becomes generally available. 


(Updated: August 21, 2023) When and how can eligible Microsoft 365 customers start using Bing Chat Enterprise? 

Bing Chat Enterprise will start rolling out in preview today (July 18, 2023) to eligible customers. Right now, IT admins can turn on Bing Chat Enterprise by using this link: 


In late August 2023, Bing Chat Enterprise will be automatically turned on for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, or Business Premium licenses unless they opt out.


In late September, Bing Chat Enterprise will be automatically turned on for Microsoft 365 A3 or A5 for faculty licenses unless they opt out.


More information on how IT administrators can turn Bing Chat Enterprise on or off is available here: 
Bing Chat Enterprise is accessible via and the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. It will also come to Windows Copilot in the future. 


(New: August 21, 2023) Is Bing Chat Enterprise available to student users of education customers license for Microsoft A3 or A5?

No, Bing Chat Enterprise is not available to student users.


How do I know if I’m using Bing Chat Enterprise instead of Bing Chat? 

Employees using Bing Chat Enterprise will be signed in to using their work account. Once they do so, they’ll see that Bing Chat Enterprise has a unique design that distinguishes it from the consumer version of Bing Chat. Above the chat input box and on top of every chat answer, users will see a message that says, “Your personal and company data are protected in this chat”. 


What are the differences between Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise? 

Bing Chat Enterprise offers the generative AI capabilities of Bing Chat with commercial data protection. Bing Chat Enterprise with commercial data protection means user and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization, chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no eye-on access to it, and chat data is not used to train our underlying models.  


What are the differences between Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot? 

Bing Chat Enterprise lets you use the power of generative AI at work, with commercial data protection. Microsoft 365 Copilot takes this to the next level and adds a superset of features that enable people to be productive and creative at work in a whole new way by grounding answers in your business data like documents, emails, calendar, chats, meetings and more to deliver incredibly rich and actionable responses to your questions. 


Is the product fully supported by Microsoft, or are there any use restrictions? 

Bing Chat Enterprise is in public preview and is fully supported by Microsoft. 


Set up 


(Updated: August 16, 2023) How can IT admins turn on Bing Chat Enterprise right now? 

To turn on Bing Chat Enterprise today, your organization will need to have the following configuration completed by an IT administrator:  

Users of eligible tenants with the above configuration will receive Bing Chat Enterprise when using Microsoft Edge on and Edge sidebar. 

For more information on how to turn on Bing Chat enterprise, go here:


Which IT admin roles can turn on or turn off Bing Chat Enterprise?

Only Search and Global Administrators can turn on or turn off Bing Chat Enterprise.


(Updated: August 16, 2023) What are the system requirements and compatibility of Bing Chat Enterprise?  

  • Users must be licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, A3 or A5 for faculty, Business Standard or Business Premium.  In the future, they can also be licensed for the Bing Chat Enterprise stand-alone SKU.  
  • IT administrators must have enabled Microsoft Search in Bing in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
    • This will no longer be required after late August 2023. 
  • Right now, IT admin can opt-in to Bing Chat Enterprise by navigating to: 
  • Users must log in to with a Microsoft Entra ID (currently known as Azure Active Directory) Learn more. 
  • Customers must have access to the internet and use Microsoft Edge as their browser.  In the future, 3rd-party browsers will also be supported. 


(Updated: August 16, 2023) Will Bing Chat Enterprise be turned on or off by default?  

Starting on July 18, 2023, Bing Chat Enterprise will not be turned on in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center by default. Customers who want to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise during this time will need to do so using the activation URL: 

Bing Chat Enterprise will be turned on by default in late August 2023.  The reason for doing so is to ensure that employees who access Bing Chat from, Edge sidebar, or Windows Copilot have the highest level of data protection.  Enabling Bing Chat Enterprise in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center will not override any other network-level controls put in place by IT administrators to control who in their organization has access to (or other policy controls managing employee access to Edge sidebar or Windows Copilot).  

Customers who do not want to offer Bing Chat Enterprise to their users can opt out prior to late August or any time after.  More information on how to do this can be found here:


How do I turn off Bing Chat Enterprise right now? 

Right now, IT admins can find more information about how to turn off Bing Chat Enterprise here:


I want to block all access to Bing Chat for my organization—how do I do this? 

Information on how to block access to Bing Chat is available here: Blocking adult content with SafeSearch or blocking Chat - Microsoft Support  


Can I use Bing Chat Enterprise with any browser? 

Only Microsoft Edge is supported today, but we have announced support for Bing Chat on 3rd-party browsers is coming. 


What version of Microsoft Edge is needed to use Bing Chat Enterprise in the Edge sidebar?
Currently, Bing Chat Enterprise with T&C for Edge sidebar is available on Microsoft Edge starting with version 114.0.1823.86 and higher releases in Edge stable and dev channels. 


Data protection 


How does Bing Chat Enterprise protect my data? 

User and business data in Bing Chat Enterprise is protected and will not leak outside the organization. Chat data is not saved, and Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it.  Chat data is also not used to train our underlying models. 


Is Bing Chat Enterprise able to see my Microsoft 365 data? 

Without Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise is not able to see your data in Microsoft 365 unless employees specifically copy Microsoft 365 data and enter it into a prompt.  Even then, user and business data put into Bing Chat Enterprise is protected and will not leak outside the organization. Chat data is not saved, and Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it.  Chat data is also not used to train our underlying models. 


What is the best way to verify the accuracy of information provided by Bing Chat Enterprise? 

Just like Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprise answers complex questions by distilling information from multiple web sources into a single response. Bing Chat Enterprise provides linked citations to these answers so the user can further explore and research as they would with traditional search.  




How can employees access Bing Chat Enterprise? 

If Bing Chat Enterprise is turned on for their organization and they have an eligible Microsoft 365 subscription, employees can access Bing Chat Enterprise from and the Microsoft Edge sidebar using their work account starting today (July 18, 2023). It will also be accessible in Windows Copilot in the future.  


What kinds of things can employees do with Bing Chat Enterprise? 

Employees can use Bing Chat Enterprise to get work done faster, be more creative, or support customers better. All of this can be done with the confidence that user and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization. For example, Bing Chat Enterprise can help employees quickly generate content, analyze or compare data, summarize documents, learn new skills, write code, and much more.  While employees do this, they can be assured their organizational data is protected. 

For example, you can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you:

  • Understand the implications of a decision: “What are the pros and cons of offline marketing strategies?” and “How can I measure the success of my offline marketing campaign?”  
  • Learn new skills: “What are the top 5 things I should know when managing a large project?” and “What is agile project management and how does it differ from waterfall?”  
  • Analyze data: “If we’re forecasting 7% EPS growth this coming quarter, how does our internal forecast compare with EPS growth in the top US public CPG companies?”  
  • Summarize a work PDFs open in Edge: “Recap the findings of this internal cybersecurity report and the top 3 concerns” and “What are best practices for addressing these kinds of security issues?”  
  • Write better code faster: “Write a regular expression in Python that matches email addresses” or “How can I use the unittest module to write test units for my Python code.”  
  • Plan a business trip: “Where should I stay in Manhattan that has a good running path close by?”  
  • Generate social media content: “Use this messaging framework to generate 5 social media posts describing its value to healthcare workers.” 


Does Bing Chat Enterprise support the Compose feature in the Edge sidebar? 

Bing Chat Enterprise supports the Compose feature in Edge sidebar and our commitments to commercial data protection apply. You can access Compose by clicking the Bing icon in the upper-right of the Edge toolbar, and then clicking Compose at the top of the side pane.  


Are there features in Bing Chat that do not appear in Bing Chat Enterprise? 

The plan is to have the full feature set across both. Initially, chat history, plugin support, Bing Image Creator and Visual Search in Chat are not supported in Bing Chat Enterprise.  


Can Bing Chat Enterprise be accessed from the mobile Bing app? 

Our plan is to bring Bing Chat Enterprise to mobile. Initially, it won’t be supported in the Bing mobile app.   



What will be the price of the stand-alone version? 

The stand-alone version of Bing Chat Enterprise will be offered at USD$5 per user per month. 


(Updated: August 28, 2023) Are Government customers with equivalent Microsoft 365 G SKUs eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise? 

No. At this time, customers with Microsoft 365 G SKUs are not eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise. 


What about Frontline Worker SKUs? 

No. At this time, customers with Microsoft 365 F SKUs are not eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise. 



How can my customer provide feedback/suggestions for improvement?  

Customers can contact their account representative or use the Bing Chat Enterprise FAQ (Microsoft 365 TechCommunity Blog), Microsoft Bing TechCommunity or the Microsoft 365 Admin Center TechCommunity to ask questions and provide feedback or suggestions depending on the topic.

Users can provide feedback on specific chat responses as well directly from the Bing Chat Enterprise interface by giving a ‘thumbs up’ or 'thumbs down’ and providing more specific comments.


How does Microsoft approach responsible AI?

Microsoft believes that when you create technologies that can change the world, you must also ensure that the technology is used responsibly. We are committed to creating responsible AI by design. Our work is guided by a core set of principles: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. To learn more about our AI Principles, click here: Responsible AI Principles and Approach | Microsoft AI. We are putting those principles into practice across the company to develop and deploy AI that will have a positive impact on society. We take a cross-company approach through cutting-edge research, best-of-breed engineering systems, and excellence in policy and governance. Responsible AI is a journey, and we'll continually improve our systems along the way. Visit the Bing blog for the latest on our learnings and progress. We're committed to making our AI more reliable and trustworthy, and your feedback will help us do so. To learn more about how to use BCE responsibly, please see our BCE product end user terms: Terms of use | Microsoft Learn.


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Brass Contributor

While this is in preview, is it possible to only enable Bing Chat Enterprise for specific users for testing?  From what I see in the documentation it appears that it is an on/off setting for the entire organization.


Thank you!

Copper Contributor

If you could clarify two items:

1) Is there a way to access enterprise chat over teams as this would be the logical place to ask org members to go to chat.

2) In the document to enable it seems to indicate that Microsoft search feeds enterprise bing chat. If this is the case will enabling a connector to a file share make that data accessible to enerprise bing chat?

Bronze Contributor

@DigitalPocket Encroachment into other apps like Teams seems to be a Copilot thing. That happened to be the exact app they showed yesterday during the Inspire keynote.


Is anyone seeing the Enterprise branding yet for Bing Chat? I enabled it yesterday but nothing so far. It said it should take 2-4 hours. Unsure if I missed something or they just jumped the gun on availability.

Copper Contributor

@rpodric I enabled BCE around 1pm today and the branding was visible in about an hour

@ignite24 Currently, Bing Chat Enterprise cannot be enabled for a specific user. You are right, only Global and Search admins can turn on or off Bing Chat Enterprise for all the users in the organization who have eligible licenses.

Brass Contributor

@Henrique_Bronovski  - Do you know if there are plans to allow it to be enabled for specific users or groups so we can test and understand the features and functionality before allowing it for all users?

Bronze Contributor

@cjethomas Puzzling then. In our case, I'm Business Premium, so that base is covered. "Microsoft Search in Bing‎ setting" was already Active, so that was already done. The only thing I did, really, was toggling this on:


Maybe the glitch is in whatever is meant by 'Confirm none of the settings to manage Bing Chat are preventing access to Bing Chat." Like what?

Copper Contributor

I'm using M365 E5 plan and is global admin, enabled the "Microsoft Search in Bing setting" and enabled
More than 24 hours lapsed, and I signed in my work account and still cannot see the "enterprise version" !!!
(my another customer experienced the same issue)
Is there any way to check what went wrong ?? any way of trouble shooting this ??

Copper Contributor

Brian . As an admin, you have the ability to block access to Bing Chat altogether. That's what they mean by 'Confirm none of the settings to manage Bing Chat are preventing access to Bing Chat.' But If you were blocking Bing Chat, you wouldn't be able to access Bing Chat at all. You wouldn't be seeing a non-Enterprise branded version.


This is what I see on the Bing Chat page:




Bronze Contributor

@cjethomas OK, so I guess it's just not rolling out to everyone yet, but aside from "Microsoft Search in Bing‎ setting," which in Step 1 they say must be on, what other Bing-blocking setting might they be referring to in Step 3? It seems odd that there would be more than one. I assume they're not talking about something outside Microsoft's control, like a corporate firewall.

Copper Contributor


I´ve enabled the toggle to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise and also logged in with my work profile in Edge.

Search --> Work is working without problems.

Also I have a E5 license assigned.


But if I click CHAT I get this screen and I´m not able to log in with my work account



Did I forgot something to turn on?

I activated the toggle yesterday.



Bronze Contributor

@maple85 Perhaps the "Microsoft Search in Bing setting" item in Admin center (Search & intelligence area), which is the first thing on the 3-step list of things to do? But I think that defaults to Active. Still, it's worth looking.

Copper Contributor

Thank you, 

but as you said it was already activated. 


any other suggestions?



Copper Contributor

So have a strange issue - have enabled Bing Chat for Enterprise and users that haven't used Bing Chat before seem to be able to load the enterprise version without issue (confimed working on both Mac and Windows using Edge). I've been unable to load Bing Chat enterprise from a Windows device, and also was unable to load it from my work Mac. I installed the beta version of Edge on my Mac and it then loaded the enterprise version. On my Windows device, trying the beta version of Edge it still loads the default version. Clearing all cache/cookies doesn't help. There are a couple other users with the same issue. How does 'know' it should load the enterprise version? Being logged into my work account doesnt' seem to be enough.

Copper Contributor

Strange enough ! I wasn't able to use the enterprise version, then I kept login/logout of my work account and try.... and I was able to see the "Bing chat enterprise" ONCE, then somehow it doesn't work and fall back to the normal version....

My other customers received error "....That Microsoft account doesn't exist....." when signing in Bing, however they have been using M365 for quite some time and verified that the account exist in Azure Active Directory !

Copper Contributor

@Edwin_Lee I noticed the same, it came right a few hours later. One thing that has worked is deleting the browser profile completely and clearing data/cookies etc. I have been able to confirm that users can use Enterprise Chat now but only from company issued devices. Really strange that even though users can log in to office etc. on their own device that Bing chat still defaults to the public version....

Copper Contributor

I'm getting issues with the enablement page.


On personal dev tenant just worked.


On work and production tenants I get a must be signed in as Global Admin or Search Admin and try again. I'm GA on both - tried on many browsers, cleared cache.


Can't upload the image. Any thoughts?


Iron Contributor

What will be the price of the stand-alone version? 

The stand-alone version of Bing Chat Enterprise will be offered at USD$5 per user per month. 


But, after preview, will this be included in the ME3 or ME5 licenses please ? Or someone with a ME3 or ME5 should buy the stand alone?

Copper Contributor


Which Microsoft 365 customers are eligible to start using Bing Chat Enterprise now? 

Customers licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium are eligible for Bing Chat Enterprise at no additional cost. 

Copper Contributor

@Ian_Cockburn I'm seeing exactly the same thing as you, it's as if when going to the URL to turn this on globally, it loses track of who you are? I'm wondering if this is also why there are inconsistent results reported for users who are accessing this after the setting has been enabled successfully. Just seems more than a bit unreliable at the moment.



Copper Contributor

Yesterday I updated to the latest Edge version an afterwards it starts working. Don’t ask me why I had not the latest but it’s fine now. 

Iron Contributor

@Ian_Cockburn You need to connect here with your global admin before :

and then open :


@Taylor_Sand , yes I read this. But what worries me is the NOW. I'm suspicious since the passage of the translation in Teams in the premium license without it being announced at the beginning. For the preview I understand that is working with ME3 and ME5 but after the preview?

Copper Contributor



Yes, found that out on another thread - thank you!

Copper Contributor

@rsc Check if you have MS Search in Bing disabled. Enabling that is a pre-requisite for this.



Copper Contributor

@MichaelOliv - This fixed my issue too, thanks! @Microsoft, might be worthwhile to quickly update the user guide to include this info for other people who might be struggling?


@AshMSport - Thanks for replying, this option is enabled for but the issue persists.


I am also having some users report seeing the following error when trying to access Bing Chat:




It's complaining about Bing SafeSearch settings being set to Strict, but they are set as Default to Moderate, yet this error still persists, has anyone else seen this or have any ideas on how to fix this? Turning SafeSerach Off completely does resolve the issue, but that is less than ideal to do company wide for obvious reasons.

Bronze Contributor

Checked again this morning with Edge 116 in two different tenants. Still nothing, so it's still being rolled out, apparently. Slowly.

Brass Contributor

We have an Edge policy in place and I've been doing some investigation in to what settings block and unblock the Bing Chat. From what I have found, as a minimum you need to disable or set to not configured the "Block all ads on Bing Search results" setting.


Additional options to allow Bing Chat in the sidebar are:

  • Show Hubs Sidebar
  • Search in Sidebar enabled

Our Edge policy also blocks people from installing extensions unless they are approved. If you are doing this too, then you need to allow the following Sidebar application ID's to be installed:


  • Bing Chat - ofefcgjbeghpigppfmkologfjadafddi
  • Search - jbleckejnaboogigodiafflhkajdmpcl
  • Discover - nkbndigcebkoaejohleckhekfmcecfja
  • Microsoft Office 365 - gecfnmoodchdkebjjffmdcmeghkflpib
  • Outlook - kfihiegbjaloebkmglnjnljoljgkkchm (Optional and not required to make Bing Chat work)
  • OneNote Feed - gbihlnbpmfkodghomcinpblknjhneknc (Optional and not required to make Bing Chat work)
  • Teams Chat - piilhopgoheagglmepbmkpodfceclmab (Optional and not required to make Bing Chat work)

The above ID's can all be found by going through the output in edge://sidebar-internals


Whilst you won't be able to turn on or off BCE at an individual level, you will be able to control who has it by Group Policy or InTune policy using the above information.


I also found that users who had been getting the following come up in a loop after pressing Start Chatting.....



....clearing cache and cookies resolved this issue.


With all the above done, we can now access Bing Chat consumer but not Enterprise. Even though we have an E5 licence, it's the Original Microsoft 365 SKU. This means all our components show separately within our tenancy. Whilst there is no difference in functionality between the M365 E5 and what we have, from a ticket I have open with Microsoft, they've said that it needs to specifically say "Microsoft 365 E5" and for that option to be ticket in order for Bing Chat Enterprise to be available. 


I realise it's early days with this, but Microsoft, if you say you are going to enable this for all E3 and E5 customers, but then exclude those who are on the original E5 SKU, then you need to clarify this in your comms. We can't change our licences, so I would hope that you allow the original SKU to be part of this preview.

Copper Contributor

It would be helpful if you could provide discrete URL's for bing chat and bing chat enterpise.


@ignite24 Our team is working on a solution that will enable specific users or groups to test Bing Chat Enterprise and explore its features and functionality. However, we do not have a date for when this will be ready.

Copper Contributor

We have Bing Chat Enterpise set up and are going to use it. At that point, We have two questions.
1: Is it possible to know the number of users?
2: Is it possible to load SharePoint data automatically?

Brass Contributor

Just an update on my previous post with a bit more info. If you are using the Original E5 SKU which allows you to be granular with what licences you select for each user, and don't have the Microsoft 365 E5 listed, check to see if you have Microsoft 365 E5 Extra Features. Ticking that box enables the following products: 

Endpoint DLP, Insider Risk Management, Microsoft ML-Based Classification and Office 365 SafeDocs.

Ticking that box for the Extra Features turned the Bing Chat consumer version to the Enterprise version after approx 24 hours from selecting it. 


Hope that helps.

Iron Contributor

Is a pre-requisite that the user must be signed in on an Azure AD Joined machine? If I use an Edge profile logged in with my work account from my AADJ machine, then I get the expected Bing Chat for Enterprise page and branding. However, if I use an Edge profile logged in with my work account from my personal PC, which is not AADJ, then I get the standard Bing Chat page and branding -- not the Enterprise one. 

Copper Contributor

Wondering if there is a way to access all chat history corporately? Looking to do a pilot and analyze how our users are interacting with Bing Chat and the results they get. 


@randiprieur Thanks for letting us know! Right now, there is currently no way to access all chat history corporately, but we're considering this feedback.

Brass Contributor

After you enable the search setting and then use the link to enable Bing Chat enterprise, you have to make sure you assign the "M365 Extra features" (Per MS Support) license to your users. This license contains 5 different services. In our testing, you can assign the license without any of the 5 services active and it will still enable Bing Chat enterprise. 


This turned out to be a benefit for us since it now allows us to control the rollout.

Copper Contributor

Is it possible for Microsoft to create a separate URL to open Bing Chat Enterprise? My company uses some URL filtering tools to warn users when they are trying to access unapproved sites, and currently AI-based sites are included in that. However, we'd love to promote Bing Chat Enterprise as a "safe" alternative but since both Bing Chat Enterprise and Bing Chat (regular) use the same URL, it's not easily possible for us to filter this. Especially as someone could sign out of their account and then visit Bing Chat and not immediately realize they were on the "unsafe" public version (if they weren't familiar with the protected markup on the Enterprise version).

Basically having a separate URL to specifically access the Enterprise version of this would be greatly preferred.

Copper Contributor

1) Bing Chat Enterprise is meant to summarize documents opened on Edge browsers using the sidebar on Edge.  And this is meant to work on Edge version 114.0.1823.86 and higher releases in stable and dev channels.  However, the documents we have on SharePoint Online, that we open using our Edge browser and ask to summarize using Bing Chat sidebar does not work. 

2) When will we have the option to block “Switch to a personal account” setting within our Bing Chat Enterprise Admin Console

3) When will Bing Chat for Enterprise be integrated with Microsoft Search?  

Brass Contributor

@Dan_Shapiro not sure in your environment if you can do this or not, but you could always force login to the Egde browser and prevent logging out of it using group policy or an intune based policy. That way you know that users would only be accessing the Enterprise version. Just a thought anyway! 👍🏻

Copper Contributor

Two posters have mentioned the need to add "Microsoft 365 E5 Extra Features" to an Office 365 E5 license to enable Bing Chat Enterprise.


I can confirm the same applies to Office 365 E3 licenses; you must add a Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license to each user who needs access to Bing Chat Enterprise.

Copper Contributor

We can also confirm the need for the E5 Extra Features license. Took about a week to figure that out with Microsoft support. However, nobody from Microsoft can actually tell me what all the E5 Extra Features license covers aside from Bing Chat Enterprise. Does anyone know the answer to that?

Brass Contributor

@Dan_Shapiro I mentioned in my post at the end of July what the extra features includes.


They are:

Endpoint DLP

Insider Risk Management

Microsoft ML-Based Classification

Office 365 SafeDocs


You can also get the details by using the using the appropriate Powershell commands: 


Hope that helps 

Copper Contributor

@Viking2010 Thank you this is amazing!

Copper Contributor

@Viking2010 - Your answer is likely specific only to E5. For E3, the only extra feature listed in the "Apps" section when assigning the license to a user is "Windows Autopatch".


It seems like neither of the "Extra Features" SKUs specifically calls out Bing Chat Enterprise...

Brass Contributor

@ErikJD Ahh very good point! Yes these will be E5 specific. It's a shame Bing Chat Enterprise isn't specially selectable. 

Copper Contributor

Very disappointing that this is not available for customers with the academic licensing...

Brass Contributor

Data Privacy Terms Gap: 

BingChat Enterprise does have the ability to chat/interact with the current page contents of the Edge Browser.  So in that scenario, the Terms of Use for privacy should call that use case out and also say that the documents in the browser are not shared, data retained for training our any other uses.  That is not clear in the current terms IMO -revise line in bold 


BingChat Enterprise – which could be enabled.

BingChat Enterprise Terms: Overview of Bing Chat Enterprise | Microsoft Learn  & 

Bing Chat Enterprise Privacy and Protections | Microsoft Learn

Protected by default

Because workplace chats might contain sensitive data, Bing Chat Enterprise is designed with commercial data protection in place to keep organizational data safe. With Bing Chat Enterprise, you can be confident in using AI-powered chat for work.

Chat: When users ask questions in chat, it's called a prompt. Those prompts can send generated searches (also known as queries) to Bing, and the resulting answer is called a response. User and business data is protected and won't leak outside the organization. What goes in—and comes out—remains protected. Chat data isn't saved, and Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it—no one sees it. And your data isn't used to train the underlying models.

Search: Any searches generated by Bing Chat have workplace identities removed before they're sent to Bing. The searches aren't linked to users or organizations by Bing and any searches sent to Bing are under the terms of the Microsoft Services Agreement and covered by the privacy statement.

Organizational data: Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't have access to organizational resources or content within Microsoft 365, such as Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. Only content provided in the chat by users is accessible to Bing Chat Enterprise.

Plugins: Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't have plugin support to prevent any commercial data from being sent to any external providers.

Chat history: Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't retain chat prompts or responses. With Bing Chat history disabled for Bing Chat Enterprise users, no previous chats are maintained or available to users.

Copper Contributor

I assume Office 365 E3 is not sufficient (it has to be Microsoft 365 E3)?

Brass Contributor

above in comments there was answer to you questions :)
"you must add a Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license to each user who needs access to Bing Chat Enterprise"

It means that you need to have Microsoft 365 license (not Office 365)

It's pain as in Microsoft Action Pack there are only Office 365 licenses given :(
I have turned BING Chat for all my clients but I can't use it on my own tenant with Action Pack subscriptions :(

Brass Contributor

@Matt_Dover242 - you've probably seen already, but MC669392 announces the release for EDU - Preview now (if you want to turn on), GA late September :)

Copper Contributor

I understand that Microsoft does not save chats (prompts or responses) in Bing Chat Enterprise, but is any data at all sent to other regions for processing?

I.e. I'm in Australia - what is/can be sent to offshore data centres?



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