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Admins- welcome to the Microsoft 365 admin center
Published Jun 05 2018 09:00 AM 23.4K Views
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We built Microsoft 365- a complete IT solution including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security- to enable organizations to create and work together securely. In that same spirit, our goal is to offer a unified toolset to manage and protect those organizations. In March, we announced the Microsoft 365 admin center as your central location for managing and monitoring applications, services, data, devices, and users across your Microsoft 365 deployment.


Today, we are expanding this integrated and intuitive admin experience to users of Office 365. Users of both Office 365 and Microsoft 365 will now have access to the new Microsoft 365 admin center. For Office 365 admins, this means a simpler experience that easily integrates with you other Microsoft services - all without giving up capabilities or control.


What to expect

If you’ve used the Office 365 admin center before, the experience will feel very similar. The navigation is the same, and you’ll have the same granularity of control over your environment. There will be no change to your Office 365 subscription or billing. As you add new apps and services like device management, those will light up in your left navigation pane. Most importantly, you’ll receive all the latest admin center updates and features as they become available.


New URL, same great experience

To access your new admin center experience, point your web browser to This is your new front door for managing and monitoring all your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services. Your new admin center still includes links to all your specialty admin tools for services like OneDrive and SharePoint conveniently linked in the left navigation pane. If you’ve previously created bookmarks for the Office 365 admin center or any of the specialty admin centers, those will continue to work.


Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the admin center links across Office 365 to use the new address.




More to come

In the coming months, we’ll continue to evolve the Microsoft 365 admin center to provide a consistent and intuitive experience across all your Microsoft 365 products. As more information becomes available, we’ll post it here on Microsoft Tech Communities. In the meantime, join the conversation on the Microsoft 365 Tech Communities forums and Twitter.


So that's just a rebrand at this point? I just spawned a new demo M365 tenant and I don't see anything new in the portal, a bit disappointed :)

Former Employee

Hi Vasil- If you've already been using the Microsoft 365 admin center, your experience won't change much. The biggest change will be for someone who, for example, subscribed to both Office 365 and Intune. They'll now be able to access both from their new admin center. We'll be rolling this out over the next few weeks, so it may take a bit for any given user to see the changes.


Just to add to Brian's comment - we're rolling out to "target release" first.  Guidance on release rings is published here: 


Set up the Standard or Targeted release options in Office 365



Ben Appleby

Lead PM | Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Copper Contributor

Are there plans to add a link to Azure Information Protection?

Former Employee

Hi Douglas- We’re exploring the best way to integrate Azure Information Protection into the Microsoft 365 admin center, but we don't have it on the roadmap at this time.


could some one help me find where do I see the list of enabled users for any given tenant thru this portal

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@Srividhya1982From the Admin homepage (, you click on billing, Products & Services or Licenses. Either will give you the numbers you need. If you want to look at which users are actually active or blocked or which have which license, you will want to filter Users under Users, Active Users.

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I'm a CSP developer.

We need to develop a Light Weight User Management, like Microsoft 365 admin center.

We only list users using the Partner Center API, Groups, Email Settings, etc. are not available.

I have a question, where are the API documents for the features in Admin Center?

Brass Contributor

I should rephrase this. I believe they are moving most APIs over, but they still have documentation on the Partner Center API:


@masonr I think you are referring to the Microsoft Graph API 

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