6 Microsoft Lists on-demand session videos
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During Microsoft Ignite 2020, we announced several new Microsoft Lists innovations coming later this year. In addition to this news, we produced six on-demand videos to provide a clear first look at these announcements plus showcase the broader context and value Lists brings to your productivity cloud investment.


Microsoft Lists is your smart information tracking app for Microsoft 365 and in Microsoft Teams. The below videos – including a few bonuses at the end – cover the breadth and depth of what Lists are and how it benefits individuals and teams track what matters most.


Microsoft Lists on-demand session videos [embedded]


1 | "Get started with Microsoft Lists" by Lincoln DeMaris and Bharath Manoj Manda

In this session, Lincoln and Bharath zero in on how Lists evolve from SharePoint lists to empower individuals and teams to create, share and track information – including innovation in Microsoft Teams. You’ll see lots of demos highlighting numerous entry points and capabilities:



Learn more how to use Microsoft Lists


2 | "Microsoft Teams Microsoft Lists" by Ansuman Acharya

Content collaboration meets information management meets conversation flexibility. Lists plus Teams brings it all together. Ansuman walks you through how you and your colleagues can best create, share and track lists and list items all from within the comfort of Microsoft Teams:



Learn how you can get started with Lists in Teams.


3 | "Organize business information with Microsoft Lists" by Miceile Barrett and Niket Jain

It’s time to make a list your own. Miceile and Niket show you how to use and create views, configure conditional formatting, adjust forms and more. You’ll come into this session new to Lists and leave a list maker:



Learn more how to create, change, or delete a view of a list.


4 | "Customize productivity apps with lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Power Automate" by Chakkaradeep (Chaks) Chinnakonda Chandran

No-code and low-code apps have been essential in SharePoint for a long time. Additional tools from the Power Platform - Power Apps and Power Automate - provide additional umph and capability. In this demo-heavy session, Chaks shows you how Microsoft Lists can connect with external data sources and help keep business on track:



Learn more how you can customize list forms with Power Apps and build custom workflows with Power Automate (approval example).


5 | "Designing the Microsoft Lists experience" by Ben Truelove and Christopher Wymer

Join in and learn how the Microsoft Design team behind Lists approached designing the Lists app. You'll learn more about the problems, principles and approaches to the simple, beautiful user experience that helps people be productive every day, with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusion:



Learn more about Microsoft Design and the Fluent Design System.


6 | “Working with files and lists in Microsoft Teams” by Mark Kashman

Get the most of working with lists and files directly inside Microsoft Teams. I take you thru numerous scenarios when using the new Lists app in Teams and benefiting from the Files tab integration with the power of content services (powered by SharePoint) - access, share and collaborate on lists and files within your Teams channels:



Learn more about collaborating on files in Teams and using Lists in Teams.


Bonus related session | "Embrace a New Way of Work with Microsoft 365" Presented by Angela Byers, Shin-Yi Lim, and customers: Edward Kopp, Magnus Lidström.

In an unprecedented time of workplace transformation, opportunities to thrive belong to those who embrace and adapt to the new normal. How do we collaborate remotely, stay connected and produce excellent work as a team? How do we stay productive while working from home? Join Angela and Shin-Yi to learn a new way to think about and manage work with Microsoft 365. Learn how Microsoft 365 makes it easier for your team to organize, share and track lists, files and tasks all in one place – Microsoft Teams – so you save time and accomplish more together:


Watch it on the Microsoft Ignite website + the related Ask The Experts (ATE) sessions: ATE-DB136 & ATE-DB136-R1.


Bonus innovation snippet | “Project Nucleus” for Lists - “offline mode”

Take a “no audio” peek at Project Nucleus, as shown during Jeff Teper’s overview session, "Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Proje..." [DB158].


In the future, you’ll be able to work with lists both online and offline with a faster user experience. The below video shows enhanced performance, first in online mode. The person then puts their device into "airplane mode" (offline) and can still perform actions like sorting, filtering, grouping, search and add new items to the list. [Note: related Microsoft 365 roadmap ID: 68809]



Project Nucleus will power the next generation of our web apps and portals. It will use intelligent sync to a database to keep a cache on the client that our web apps use to deliver a leapfrog in performance. All changes are synched with the local cache so Project Nucleus will enable you to work even when offline; changes are uploaded when you reconnect to Internet.


Additional Lists resources


And like that, you and Your lists just got a whole lot smarter. :)



Mark Kashman, senior product manager – Microsoft Lists

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