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I'm wondering if there are any other Microsoft 365 GCC folks on here that have Windows Sticky Notes sync enabled, is this available in GCC? 

From a settings perspective we seem to have everything in place that should allow it to work but when I try the "Sign In" option in the Sticky Notes app it goes through the ADFS authentication as expected etc but then nothing happens and within the app it seems to reset back to "Sign In".

If anyone has this in place I'd be really interested in how you got it working.



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I do not believe this is functional in the government cloud yet, unfortunately. I would like to conduct additional research on this because I do feel like this feature could be very useful. @Jamie Hosley 

Hey Travis,
I have confirmed with the Microsoft resources that work with us that currently it's not available in GCC. I would say that having it added as an option to our 365 tenant would be of real value to us, we're health care based agency and I would say that sticky notes is probably the most requested application for our users, and while we make them available having the sync functionality added would be a real bonus for their use.
Hello, Hoping that by this time MS made Sticky Notes available in GCC...

Anyone ?
I've not heard anything, but let me check with our MS resources to see if there has been any change.

@Jamie Hosley I don't think they've enabled the sync with GCC yet.  At least it's still not working for us.

Hey Mark,
Same here, seems to be a no go still, though I don't understand why since things like ToDo are open in GCC. I'll ask the MS folks we've got assigned to us again about an update.
I'm a M365 app for enterprise GCC instance and would really like to be able to provide my users with the sync capabilities! Any movement on this??
I've also brought this question to the Windows Customer Connection Program to see if we might be able to get some engagement regarding it. As of right now everything remains the same and Sticky Notes sync is not available to GCC tenants.