Widespread issue with synchronization and accessing the notes

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We have a peculiar issue appearing in our organization. This issue is widespread but is not experienced by each user. The exact number of users experiencing synchronization issue is unknown. Also, this issue concerns shared notebooks.

What is going on is the following:

When accessing OneNote the most usual errors are:

  • We can’t access this notebook
  • We're having trouble finding your notebook. Try refreshing the page after a few minutes or check back later
  • We weren’t able to register your device and add your account to Windows. Your access to org resources might be limited

In case of “can’t access this notebook…” and We’re having trouble, try again later...” OneNote has not been able to solve this itself. Also, the individuals' access rights are accurate, so this should not be the issue.

Similarly, there have been several cases where inserted sections, sites, and content has disappeared, causing several teams and projects going back to Word when it comes to meeting notes etc.

For some users, these errors appear when using OneNote from Teams, desktop application or browser notebook. And then there are users you can use OneNote without any problems as browser version, but problems occur when using Teams or desktop application. I am in awe!

I have also witnessed a notebook that has several corrupted pages and OneNote has not been able to fix the problem by itself.

We are using education license. Did anyone experience anything even remotely similar? This issue has been long-lasting and I am looking for ways to solve this :smile:

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I and others in my organization has been experiencing syncing issues when using OneNote with Teams. Messages I have seen "content not yet available" and not matter what I do content never syncs (appears). I am hoping someone will respond to your post with a solution.