Version of office in E3 and E5?

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Team ,


I am quite new to the MS community and just trying to understand which version of office can be installed to client desktop as part of MS E3 or E5.

I have seen , office 2019 and Pro plus are the latest version of office  so can i have either one if i have Office 365 E3 or E5 licenses.  or is it tied to specific versions.


Thank you.

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@mehta deepak You will have the same Office with E3 or E5, E5 just brings a few security features not related to the Office client. The Office version you will have with E3/E5 is Office Pro Plus.


Have a look here :

Thanks for reply, The link you provided lists office pro plus as a separate plan all together.
So can i install office 2019 with E3 or E5? Or is it only pro plus
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Hi @mehta deepak ,


Office 365 E3 and E5 have already Office 365 ProPlus, if you install Office 2019 you will need a sepparate license. 

Understood, thanks . I was getting confused with the office 2019 and previos versions and how it relates to E3 or E5.
So bottomline ,all 2019 previois versions are mutually exclusive and E3,E5 all are using pro plus which is latest.

Hi @mehta deepak 


Office 2019 is intended to On-premises instalations and customers that does not have any cloud licenses and need to be updated to the lastest on-premises Office with updates more slower that Office 365 ProPlus but as a prepetual license or in some cases in a contract with Microsoft called Enterprise Agreement. Then Office 365 ProPlus is the Office that is updated Monthly with new features and in a model of subscription.