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I work for a non-profit and am trying to establish a more organized system for grant management. One of the things I am trying to get away from is having multiple email threads that everyone is copied on and that contain questions for various people. It is nearly impossible to keep track of responses. My idea is to use tags in OneNote and create custom tags for each person. Then they can search in OneNote to see if there are any open questions they need to answer and provide the answer directly in OneNote. When I was first toying around with this a couple of months ago, I was using two tags - the first was the question tag and the second was a custom tag for the person the question was directed to. I was then able to search for "question bob" and it would pull up any questions assigned to Bob. I am no longer able to reproduce that. It appears it is only searching for the word "question" or the word "bob" in the content. Did something change in the last few months or am I forgetting something about how I did it previously?  

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You said you created custom tags, have you tried using the "Find tags" feature instead of searching? @0123456789 

@Mike Galante Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I tried it. The problem with Find Tags is that you cannot search for a specific tag. It turns out the only place where you can do what I was asking about is One Note for Windows 10. In the search results, you can filter either by content or by tag. The lack of consistency between OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote for Web, and OneNote 2016 is confusing and annoying. Each one has features I like that aren't available in the other two.