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For small business.. 

I take a picture with the OneNote.

Add it to a Page (with customer name).

Input measurements with the stylus onto the picture.

Repeat until I have every object inputted and measured.

Then once back at the office I will align and adjust to obtain two pictures per print page. 


I use one note to keep track of these different customers and the projects. 



- Camera never retains the Exposure settings. ( I always have to brighten it).

-When pictures are inserted they get randomly placed on the screen. I try to align them to the left margin. 

- Using the stylus place measurement marks in ink. Not able to find a way to drag lines and or insert text boxes easily quickly onto those lines. In an effort to have a clean diagram.

-At the office/home I do various print previews to be able to fit two pictures per page. Takes a lot of going back and forth. Auto Print will just cut pictures in half. 


Would be nice to see a way to lock the note page into an actual sized piece of paper, much like Word does.  I would use Word.. but you can not insert from the camera directly.


I have not found another app or program that does what this simple task should be. I found one Microsoft app that falls short others require fancy cameras. I don't want the camera or app to auto measure. 


I just upgraded to Office 365, so I will fiddle with it and see if there are new features the win10 did not have. 

case number  1005506612


Maybe a YouTube video would be more helpful?

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