Sharepoint based OneNote Sync issue, suddenly untrusted location

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I use the full Office version of OneNote (O365/2016) as it supports several tools that the App and web version don't support. Over the past few days, I've noticed that an important SharePoint based OneNote is no longer syncing (pops that line at the top asking for a password that you can't click). Deleted all info from cred manager - no luck. Closed the notebook and opened it online (web) and via the OneNote Windows App - works fine in both cases. If I grab the URL of the file and try to open that in the full OneNote (or tell the web app to open it in the app), I get a "This location may be unsafe". Anyone know if new policies regarding trusted/untrusted locations were part of a recent update? If I say "yes" to open anyway, it fails with an error that it could not open from this location possibly because it does not exist or because I don't have rights (which all other methods seem to show as incorrect). Thoughts? I've also deleted the associated account from my machine "work" account list, added it back, etc.  Thanks!

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