Send Whiteboard to OneNote

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I am unable to send a whiteboard to OneNote?

See the screenshot! Has anybody else come across this problem?


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Hi @Koalito76 

What kind of whiteboard is that?

And what means "unable"? What happens when you try sending it to Onenote?

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From the Microsoft Whiteboard app and it shows what you see in the attachment.
Hi, When launching Whiteboard, I don't even see a Sen,d to OneNote option. I can just share as image. But I find this: Error en pizarra de Microsoft ≡ Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Community thread about a problem in Europe Maybe it could be an idea to use Onenote instead as Whiteboard - Onenote as whiteboard solution, I mean. Kind regards Hans Why to OneNote instead of Whiteboard? – My Teams & Office 365 Day

@Hans Le Roy I also have this issue where I dont even have an option to send to onenote. Has anyone found any answer?



Have you guys enabled the connected experience??


Privacy settings in Microsoft Whiteboard - Office Support