Robot license and on-premise server installation

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I have tried to understand Microsoft Licensing rules to make customer server legitimate.

Here's the scenario.


  • Microsoft has published RPA license for robot use

  • Robots are no longer allowed to use end user licensed software (targeted to humans).

  • RPA is available under EA or CSP agreement

  • RPA licence is available only for O365 version, but the server installation is planned to be on-premise.

  • SPLA licence is the only choice for On-Premise Office, but this is not allowed for robot use (only O365)

  • The server OS is licenced on supplier's licence (SPLA).

  • Server software should be licenced under same agreement as OS – i.e. as OS is under supplier's licence, also the Office should be on supplier's licence.

  • Supplier has SPLA but RPA cannot be used under SPLA

  • Customer has EA and thus RPA would be available, but Office cannot be run under customer licence since the OS is supplier's licence


How can we solve the case? It is not an option to install server OS on customer's license. And it is not an option for supplier to get EA / CSP agreement (in addition to SPLA) for just this case.

(or maybe Microsoft has already changed so that RPA is available in SPLA, too)

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