Roaming token RDS OFFICE 365 not working

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I followed the Microsoft KB to activate the Roaming token and shared computer but it's not working, can you please help me?

Here's the situation :

I open my RDS session on the RDS01 for the first time. Authentication is therefore required, i authenticate and the tokens register well at the location specified in the XML file « \\gmbsrv-files\rds-files$\%username%\OToken »

But in the following folders



There is nothing, and that’s quite normal given that we have specified another location for the tokens.

Screenshot for folder %localappdata%\Microsoft\Credentials :

Screenshot for folder %localappdata%\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Licensing, there’s no folder « Licensing », which for me is normal since we have specified another path in the XML file with the key SCLCacheOverrideDirectory.

Then i disconnect from the RDS01 and i connect for the first time on RDS02, authentication windows is again requested

The tokens change to « .previous »

I authenticate myself, and new tokens appears :

And there’s still nothing into the two folders



And still no « Licensing » folder

There’s is my configuration.xml file :

We can see the key in REGEDIT under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\logiciel\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\Configuration :

I hope this will help you to help me :)


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