Protractor in OneNote

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Does anyone know when Microsoft is going to include a protractor in OneNote? The ruler is great and I know that you can use it for angles but it is not a protractor.

What I cannot understand is that in both Snip & Sketch and the Sketchpad app they have included the same ruler as in OneNote but have also included a protractor.

It would be terrific to see that protractor included in OneNote.

Does anyone know if this is coming at some point?


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Hi @CANorton,

I can see that you have raised to the OneNote here

I voted for this too as it’s pretty essential for education purposes. It hasn’t got a status so Microsoft haven’t picked it up yet and it could be a while. Let’s hope this changes

You should be able to also

- Send feedback through the OneNote app
- Reach out to @OneNoteEDU on Twitter
- Raise on the forums at

Hope this helps to answer your question.

Best, Chris


you do realise the onenote ruler has a built in protractor?



the ruler shows an angle which helps


but a proper protractor would be much more useful


mean while if people are reading this and are using google chrome - this extension works well to provide a protractor on a web page (one note web view)