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I had a problem with Onenote 2016 printout, it's said'one note cannot find a page on which to insert your printout'. 

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Hi @James_Xiong - do you have at least one section created in your Notebook and is that Notebook already open in your OneNote? The print mode won't look for Notebooks that aren't already open in your desktop app.


If so, maybe try to force the issue: open OneNote > File > Options > Send to OneNote > Other Content and pick a location for print outs to automatically be sent.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger,

I have created one section in my notebook and the notebook is open in onenote as well, dont know what happened. 

@James_Xiong did you try the settings menu in OneNote to set a designated page for printouts?

@Kelly_Edinger  where can i set the designated page for printouts? I cannot find in settings. 

@James_Xiong OneNote > File > Options > Send to OneNote > Other Content 

@Kelly_Edinger Thank you so much kelly, i get it done.