OneNote, sync and work with more then 50 users.

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Dear All,

We use OneNote internally to internally share data on company product standards. As OneNote grows and grows, we encounter synchronization issues. The problem is related to LAN congestion. We have many notebooks that are shared. The largest size is 20 - 40 Gb :)!.

In fact, we are struggling to reduce the size by removing attached Vidoes files, photos and files to OneNote.

Challenge is to store this data on our internal server (role management via Active Domain).

As our company is located in different countries is it possible to organize synchronization of OneNote in different way then as it is right now as star?

I mean on each server OneNote which will synchronize between servers and then users connected to local OneNote. This could avoid VPN traffic between each user and main server, and reduce trffice between server - server. Is it possible?



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@Niemen It sounds like your usage of OneNote might be pushing it a bit past the best use case. Storing company-wide product standards, videos, and files are best done on SharePoint and you will not experience the same performance issues. Have you considered transitioning this content?


I have seen quite a few OneNote notebooks grow to such great usage they are pretty much a fully design SharePoint site just in the wrong spot.