OneNote pages slow to display

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I just got a new Lenovo laptop.  12GB Ram.  Windows 10.


I have Office 2016.  Trying to use OneNote.


The problem is when I scroll through the tiles they are blank with just a little mountain icon and some hightlighting I did.  Once I stop scrolling and wait 4 or 5 seconds the pictures show up.  I attached two pictures to show what I'm talking about.


The onenote file is pretty small and this particular page only has about 30 tiles.  The same thing happens on all pages.


Doesn't matter if I'm attached to internet or not...same thing happens.


When I use my other laptop (7 years old), the pages display fine and I'm able to scroll through the entire page rapidly and all tiles show instantly.


I did find a possible solution pertaining to turning off hardware acceleration in my graphics card properties, but that option is not available.


This problem makes it very time consuming to find a specific tile.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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