OneNote / OneDrive / AAD Setup

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Hi there,


I am trying to setup AAD to manage access to OneNote but do have a few problems:


1. OneNote 2010 Login fails

I am not able to login with any of the user accounts synced from our AD to AAD, because after entering the credentials the login window does disapear for a second and then pop up again empty and without an error message.

Users which have created there accounts manually before the option to create a new microsoft account with a company mail address has been disabled can login to their accounts - so its neither a user / computer / network issue (tested with multiple users / computers).


2. OneNote 2016 Login fails

When trying to login on OneNote 2016 I receive the message:

"Unfortunately, there are server issues, so we can not add onedrive for business right now."


3. OneOnte Online not working

When login in on I get the message:

It looks like we can not get your notebooks right now. Finish setting up your account and try again.


4. OneDrive User setup necessary for all users in AAD.

If I open a user and go to OneDrive, it says:

"OneDrive is not set up for this user. Ask the person to go to "" to set it up. This may take some time. If this message persists after 24 hours, contact support."


But after login as that user at there is no option to setup OneDrive displayed and I couldnt find one in the options.


Is all of that connected and do I first need to setup OneDrive for Business in the admin center proberly, does every user need to setup his/her OneDrive manually (where?) or what could be the issue here?


Thanks for your help!




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