OneNote for Mac - Cut Copy Paste keyboard shortcuts not working

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I am unable to cut/copy/paste on a Mac using Cmd+X, Cmd+C and Cmd+V


Is there a different combination?


Ribbon bar icons work fine



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Hi @Feargal ,
don't think so, maybe this link helps you.
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@SchnittlauchThis didn't work for me.


There is something strange about the way OneNote Copies on mac - as it always seems a little hit and miss.


If I copy from OneNote - I cannot paste to any webapp - e.g. WhatsApp Web

If I copy from OneNote - Paste into Text Edit - then copy and now I can paste into WhatApp Web.


I am on Mac OS Monterey 12.4

I have latest OneNote 16.63.1


I copy from any other app it works fine - so issue is definately from how OneNote copies text


I tried restarting pboard process - still same issue.

Any other ideas how I can fix - it is very frustrating - it may mean I need to stop using OneNote as it is just unreliable.

The print function of OneNote on mac is useless to - you cannot format to get it to fit on a page - you have to just print over 20-30 pages....with loads of white space -  just usless. If I have to print something out I have to copy - paste as text into word then reformat !!!!