OneNote extensions (integration) with/for chrome [less invasive]

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Hi all,


happy user of oneNote, WindowsApp in tablet with Win10, android on mobile and oneNote 2013 desktop in working-pc 


on the other hand, the web is for chrome (sorry edge) with several profiles (personal, work,  entertaiment, etc...) with individual accounts, some of them not very personal, most synced across multiple devices devices, even some shared with other people...


I am looking to integrate BETTER oneNote in chrome, and I though of extensions, two comes in search:

OneNote Web Clipper, by Miscrosoft/

Send to OneNote, by or 2014 Aspark Software



well, second one, not official, ask for a installation of a "Windows SendToOneNote proxy", and exe or a msi to enalbe the integration with oneNote Desktop app . Quite intrusive. (and also the extension is very limited)


but first one, the official one, ask for login with my Microsoft account to be configured inside the chrome extension, A LOT MORE INTRUSIVE

and I think this is quite a security risk (especially on google-profiles synced across devices), and a NO-GO for google-profiles shared with other people


not sure what's the safest solution ...


Beg_for_feature: could the oficial app connect to the local OneNote Desktop app instead of using the own-account API ??



before somebody points versions, it seems not really differences between oneNote-2013 and oneNote-2016, and UPW version seems not posible for Win8.1







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I agree with you about the extension. But I don't think chrome is better than Edge. Edge provides a great pdf reader.