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Hi - I am hoping this is possible.  One of my OneNote notebooks, I have created a page titled "DASHBOARD," and on this page, I started an excel file. Then from this main page called DASHBOARD, I will have subpages. 


The DASHBOARD (first tab on the excel file) will be a summary page/snapshot showing balances due, bank balances, monthly bills, and which monthly bills have been paid.


Each subpage will be the breakdown of all the expenses we have.  So I will open the subpage for our cable bill and keep notes regarding our account if we had any troubles or changed plans, etc. Then, on the subpage, I will keep a tally of each month, the bill, and if that particular bill was paid.


My question is, is it possible when I update the subpages tally, can I have the updates show up on the summary/snapshot first tab in excel?


Perhaps a template along these lines already exists?  If anyone is familiar or has any suggestions, I would be very appreciative for any guidance.


Thank you very much for your time and help!

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Hi@cutepolack ,

I might miss some of the things you want, but I think the easiest way to achieve what you describe is Excel (not Onenote) and make the 'subpages' not as separate pages but with pivot tables.

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