OneNote and Outlook integration

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Would someone help me to understand what is going on with Outlook for Windows 10?  I've confused myself by going around in circles looking for an answer.


I broke my laptop yesterday and my nice shiny new machine has fresh software along with its new smell.


However I was using Outlook 2016 and I was able to send emails to Outlook for filing, create meeting notes and do all sorts of things to get emails out of my inbox.  There were buttons to send to Outlook and life was quite lovely.  I understand that Outlook for Windows 10 is not Outlook 2016 and there are features not yet implemented in the latest version.


What I am trying to understand is whether the integration features that I seem to have "lost" are part of the "not yet implemented" features or am I just being a fool and not understanding where to get the buttons which were very very handy to have.


I hope I am making my question clear - my brain is hurting trying to sort this out.


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The "Save to OneNote" command in Outlook only works with OneNote 2016. To accomplish something similar in OneNote for Windows 10, check out the following page:


Briefly, after setting it up, you just forward an email to from your registered email address and it shows up in OneNote.  There is no visual way to pick the destination section, so you have to set up sort of an "InBox" in OneNote or type in a subject line that directs the mail to the right spot.  It's all explained in the webpage.


Thank you Dryheat. 


This is at least a start, but why can't we simply use the "Send to One Note" button from outlook?

Life was wonderful with this feature. and what about creating outlook tasks on OneNote? does Microsoft have plans of developing this? or are we just SOL?



I totally agree. Losing the Send to OneNote is enough reason for me to switch back to OneNote 2016. Bring it back. The meeting notes feature is crucial, on of the major features for oneNote, without it, it is ONEnot.


@danielponton I agree. Let's bring back the Send To Onenote button. What is so hard about this?

Thank you Dry Heat for the time you took to help me out.



I realised the Outlook for Windows 10 was simply not going to cut it in terms of efficiency and effectiveness so have installed Outlook 2016 and all the functionality that I was missing has been reinstated.  I agree with the other posters here that without these simple integrations Onenote for Windows 10 is simply not a useful app.


Thanks all for your help - I did think I was going mad at one stage there but my brain has stopped hurting now.

@Jacinta4870 I totally agree. These 2 features integrating Outlook and OneNote 2016 are essential. As much as I want to switch the the new OneNote (because it has some great new features too!), I can't until these features are added.

Yes I'm just installing OnNote 2016 despite that I liked the new version.

But I constantly used the OneNote integration on calendar items and don't want to miss it.


I was ecstatic  with Onenote 2016. I use to open Onenote and straight  to being productive.

Now, there isn't day that passes using the new Onenote without having a headache.

the new onenote is ARDUOUS and exhausting for me. 

Microsoft have acted like pirates that got on board of a great and beautiful wave-piercing catamaran and ransacked, burgled and looted the **bleep** out of it. 

Take note Microsoft and take hint, bring back ONENOTE 2016. 

I wish you'd stop faffing about and bring back 0nenote 2016.

Waiting for the new onenote to take flight is lipstick on a pig.

Please do not kill onenote 2016, you have managed well with "killing" with the IVAS contract.



After installing OneNote 2016, go in Outlook Options > Advanced, and flag the last one 

Untitled picture.png



thanks for that tip, appreciate your help. 


As I wrote I installed OneNote 2016 for the purpose of re-enabling the integration I used for a long time.


My point was that it is required to install the 2016 version instead of using the lasted OneNote from O365. The missing integration between the tools is a major flaw and if Office 2016 reaches EOL or the availability gets pulled and the latest OneNote will not support such an integration I won't use it anymore.


Thanks for the instructions though which may help someone who doesn't know it already.


Just one more voice in a sea of discontent with the removal of Send To ON ! It seems all developers are trying to push everything to the web. I don’t like any version of ON except for my beloved ON 2016. I often work offline because of travel. I don’t want to have to use an online version of ON and I don’t want to use Clip To ON. Also, I miss the ability scan directly into ON.
I think they are trying to push everyone to having to use the online version. Unfortunately that creates problems when wanting to save your work on your resident device the same as the hassle exists when using Word Mobile. I can’t understand why they think this is progress. A case of dictating that everything goes to online rather than realizing what really works best for the user.
PLEASE bring back ON 2016!!!!!!!
I agree. I downloaded the installation package for ON 2016 and save it for install on all new PCs I get. Unfortunately, there will be a time when Windows updates will make incompatible. When that happens I will discontinue using ON.


Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, as of yesterday a new "Send to OneNote" icon has appeared in my Outlook that allows you to send emails to OneNote for Windows 10.

Annotation 2019-06-12 090809.jpg


You must have the option enabled in Outlook as @danielep mentioned

@Gerardo D'Amico 


Yes thanks for adding that to this conversation - I've only just noticed that updated button yesterday but haven't quite worked out if its working as expected.  I am hoping that I will be pleased with the outcome.



No worries, have found it works out much better then the OneNote 2016 implementation.


Plus, it looks like Microsoft have rolled out the "Send to OneNote" feature as an add-in for Outlook as I can see the feature available in for business/school and Personal accounts. No longer restricted just to the desktop apps!




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@Gerardo D'Amico It was found the latest version of OneNote does not work with Outlook. This is a very bad problem. The 2016 version still works. I have deleted the latest version of OneNote and am using the 2016 version and everything works. My wish is Microsoft fixes this soon.