OneNote and Mac platform


We have internal clients on both PCs and Macs. The anecdotal Mac experience is very different. I am trying to determine if that is true for all Mac users or if we have technical issues within our Mac infrastructure or configuration. I am also looking for some really good Mac-based OneNote how tos, blogs, etc. All help appreciated.

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There are definitely quite a few differences/missing features between OneNote for Mac and OneNote for the PC.  So users will definitely have varying experiences and features sets between the two platforms.  I'm pretty sure I remember being promised feature parity across the Office projects  at one point in time (I think the last Ignire conference), but that yet to come to fruition in any of the Office Projects.


I don't have any good blogs/resource, but if you have additional questions feel free to post them.

Thanks. That is a bummer, but good to know.

Hi Amanda - The OneNote Community Notebook, maintained by @Marjolein Hoekstra  (OneNote MVP) has a section group called 'Editions' that contains a section called 'Mac OS X'.  There is some good content in there including links to getting started pages, guides and FAQ's.  The link below will give you read-only access and if you think you want to contribute you can contact Marjolein.  I've made a couple of small contributions but it was awhile ago. I should probably fire up my testing Mac and compare Windows and Mac features again.  - Greg

This is an amazing resource - thank you SO much for sending it my way!