ON for Windows 10 - windows just DIE

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Has anyone else noticed this? 


I keep a lot of open OneNote windows (maybe 10-12) using OneNote for Windows 10.  I use a tool called "goscreen" to give me multiple workspaces, and I keep ON windows open in various workspaces, each ON open to a different notebook or section.


Anyway, periodically ALL these ON windows just vanish.  Like the entire program crashed and restarted itself.  It's very annoying - I lose a lot of context and the process of putting them all back on the correct workspaces is tedious.


Has anybody else seen this??


Worse, it's hard to even search for it, because all you get are postings about Windows itself dying or crashing.  I thought maybe in this forum I might have more luck.

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It's still happening regularly:



It's gone from bad to worse!  Multiple open ON windows seems to be totally broken.  The page goes all white, there's a flash, and now all the windows are somehow the same window (move around in one and it changes all the others).  That's when it doesn't totally crash and restart as a single window.


It had been working great for more than a year.  What have you done, Microsoft???