Oh my gosh.

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 My case has been opened for a month.

 I'm really frustrated, because nobody has even been able to tell me exactly what the issue was and nobody has even come close to solving it. The only person who said anything said that it was an "Internet issue". Well I follow their advice and the stupid error happens again.

 I use the app and online, but can't access my phone at the moment. So responses will be late.


  1. ONLINE: I edit a page, paragraph turns red and tells me not to disconnect before getting off the page, says Internal error.
  2. APP: Tells me to wait for the error be solved and that I'm working offline.
  3. NOW: I try to log into Onenote, well I tried yesterday and afraid to try to log in today, it won't load, nothing will load on notebooks but on sections and Onedrive it will.
  4. HELP. I am extremely stressed out, nothing is helping, I gave it time, it has not been fixed, I'm stressed out, I'm overwhelmed and all above with this because I practically depended on Onenote for a load of important things. It has been open for a month, I can't stress this enough. Support is very kind, but now when I try to get on chat nobody joins and it auto-connects me. So I've turned to here, and I may have to stop using the service.

I need help, quick.

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