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I am unable to add addins in the Office 365 apps.

This is the error mesage I get :

Sorry, Office 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition of Office Store Add-ins.

I am having trouble to find the parameter that is set on my tenant that disable my office store.


With a regular user account when I go to I get redirected to


With my tenant admin, everything is fine


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In general, it depends on the app you got the message from. Try this: O365 admin portal -> Settings -> Services & Add-ins -> User owned apps and services -> Let people in your organization go to the Office store.

Thanks for the reply. I am now able to get in the store using my web browser. I am still not able to add addins from powerpoint for exemple. Is there any other parameter or this is just a question of time? Thanks

Give it some time, if it still doesn't work check the client settings/GPOs as well.

@Vasil MichevI confirm that everything is working fine. thanks