Office Cloud Policy Service - Feedback, roadmap and suggestions

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Where is the best place to view and share feedback for Office Cloud Policy Service, as well as see the roadmap and contribute feature suggestions for the roadmap?


Is there a Customer Connection Program where Office Cloud Policy Service has community input/private preview onboarding?


I'd like to keep up to date on compliance reporting for config policies

and suggest features such as toggle policies on/off,  backup/export policies to human readable format, ability to have the same group referenced across multiple policies, ability to scope policies to multiple groups, plus plenty of suggestions and feedback for Servicing Profiles....but at a minimum we need to be able to manage ring deployments so that monthly updates can have scheduled releases through to production.



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Hi Paul, please connect directly with me for feedback and programs concerning the policy service. We have many features on our backlog that we can discuss, and I also run private preview programs for new features we are preparing to release.
Create rollout waves (preview) is a welcome addition to the portal. Helps with creating those rings/waves to help control the test and release of updates.