Office Apps closing not crashing

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Hi everyone,


Does anyone also experience an issue where office apps close without notification but no event is registered about app crash? the only thing I found was, when an app (Excel for example) closes this is the event registered during the close:

Microsoft Office 16 Alerts - 300

Activated App
Id=fe93bfe1-7947-460a-a5e0-7a5906b51360, DisplayName= Insights, Provider=Microsoft, StoreType=Exchange, StoreId=886421C7EDF9954FA71B61309A06F7C1
P1: Apps for Office
P2: 16.0.13929.20222


This only happens to one of my users but I don't want this to be some issue that will spread.


Thanks, Rahamim.

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I work for an MSP (we provide IT Support for many companies) and we are seeing this happen at one of our larger companies as well, no notice given to the users and their Office 365 applications close (without saving their work) and I find these same entries in the Application Event Logs under Office 365 -
Microsoft Office 16 Alerts - 300
Activated App
I get this also. My Outlook does not crash but All my email in my inbox goes away and shows no emails. If I refresh(click on another folder and back) it shows all the emails again.