Office 365 user Settings - User language and time zone not available

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How can an Office 365 administrator activate the 'language and time zone'-option in the user settings?


in this article Change your display language and time zone in Office 365 for Business there is mentioned " If your Office 365 settings don't include an option to change the language, ask your organization's Office 365 administrator for help."
And now, someone got an idea?

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I think it will take over the tenant language and time settings. You can change your language on personal level but need to download Office365 again.


For admin they can use powershell:


See the Office 365 (Online) Settings Screencaptures from 2 companies


Have you gone to their account settings the menu you showed is just a quick setting menu if you go to there personal account page all settings should be there.


Did you solve the Problem?

Because i have the same problem, and there are many users can change their language and time zone by themselves but not all.


Still having the same problem ....

i found it finally! :|


you can write on the All settings search box "langua..." and it'll appeare. i couldn't find it in any other place, but if i choose any of the accounts settings so i can see the full list of Options and i can see it under the General Option


I try the search => not available
Maybe the Administrator has blocked this

I searched from the settings pop up window and it appeared, but you can click Account for example and then it appear all the options and you can find it under the general tab

Please confirm if you user account is synced from local AD to O365. If yes, it's an default behaviour. Since language setting should be done in local AD then sync to online. You can refer to :  and . Good luck.


I checked our AD settings and the field is empty. Our users default to en_US and pacific time zone. I need to change that to en_NZ and NZ time zone. Where in O365 can I set the region for the tenant? I've looked everywhere and the internet only give the advice for the individual user settings.

@Deleted Where are the tenant language and time settings defined? I can't find anything on the web.

I see one place this is available for me.


Go to & sign in.

Click on your name in top right and select My Profile.

Look to the middle left.  Click on the "Update Profile" button.

Scroll to the bottom of the Contact Information section.

Click on "How can I change language and regional settings?"

Then you'll see: "Click here, click the ellipsis (…), and then choose Language and Region."

As per that hint, click on that "here".

On the "Edit Details" page that comes up, you'll see headings - Basic Information, Contact Information, Details, and ... 
Click on the ellipsis (…) to the right of the word Details.
Select Language and Region.

In Region, select "Always use my personal settings"... (If you don't know what you're doing, then caveat emptor.)  If you don't do this, you can't select your time zone.
In Time Zone, select "Only Me" on the right and then your time zone.
Click Save & Close at bottom of screen.



You can also use the following link once logged into your O365 account:


Thanks for posting this link.  Man is that buried under a lot of menus/sub-menus.

are you talking about the webmail set time zone and language? A default can be set at the org level, with a powershell command, and users language/timezone can be changed via powershell also. if you have a bunch to fix you might want to collect a list of UPN's into a csv, and script it.

Hi guys,


I got another "funny" trick about the language settings specific to OneDrive and Office applications Online (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…) which seems to be independent from the language of Outlook Web App and office portal.  We had this issue, were able to change the seetings for the portal and OWA, in hybrid and cloud mode, no problem.  BUT, unable to fix this for OneDrive, Word online, Excel online, etc.


After searching for few hours, I got a flash:



- Open OneDrive for Business

- Click ont the gear in the upper-right corner (settings menu...)

- Click on "Site setting" (yeah.... like sharepoint...)

- Click on "Language settings" in the "Site Administration" section...

- Select the Alternate Language you want, and click OK.


OneDrive and Office Online applications will now be in your favorite language.



Thx Jim, it's not that easy anymore to discover that "here" link @Jim West :) 

@Luc Debois You need to have a licence attached to the user to see the FULL language and time zone settings.  Eg, an unlicensed global admin will only see Language settings.