Microsoft fail User Interface design 101...

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Here we have another example of Microsoft not being able to get the fundamentals right in their products.


Fundamental - Highlighting objects in the User Interface:

Problem - The below shows two Office apps on Windows (this behaviour is pretty much the same in the macOS versions of the product). Both apps have objects highlighted in them. Can you easily tell which objects are highlighted? I would put money on it that even those of you with 20/20 vision had to put way too much effort into finding the highlighted object in Outlook and you simply cannot see the highlighted object in Excel at all!

These images were taken from the same screen at the same time, with the app windows next to each other.


If Microsoft can't even get basic UI design to work sensibly, after 40 years of skin in the game, what have we come to? Where are we going as an industry? I have doubled literally every capacity on my computers every two to three years, since I first started using them 30+ years ago and yet we are still here, getting User Interface design basics wrong.


This is not what we should accept as an industry and profession and yet here we are.


I would like to propose a terminology change for the term User Interface Design to be abUser Interface Design.

Microsoft UI highlight fails.png


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