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Initially, I was able to click Meeting Notes on a meeting in Outlook and take notes.  Currently, when I click on Meeting Notes the option pops up to "take notes on your own" but it doesn't allow me to start actually taking the notes as I did before.  Has anyone had this happen before and know how to correct it? 



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@neitraSame thing here!  It would automatically populate a page in my notebook for the notes and now it doesn't.  Great feature when it works.


@Melissa2985   I wonder if there was some sort of update that has changed how it works.

Mine was also working perfectly until a few days ago.

Now when I click on "Take notes on your own" nothing happens. This has really impacted me as I use OneNote heavily for note taking in meetings where tracking attendees and other details is important.

I have to assume it broke in an Office update if we're all seeing the same issue at roughly the same time?

My office version is v 1910 (Build 12130.20344 Click-to-run) Monthly Channel



+1, also on monthly channel. "Take notes on your own." hasn't worked for a day or two. Very frustrating as I use this several times a day :(

@neitra This is happening to computers at my work on 1910.  I was able to confirm that on a computer with 1908 that this is not an issue.  Seems like either the 1909 or 1910 update broke this feature.


If you have a meeting that already has shared meeting notes created, then you can click the "Share Notes with Meeting" on a machine with the 1910 update and it will work, but that is likely because it bypasses the notebook selection dialogue that usually appears.

@Tanuuwe are on 1809 and it quit working for me

There's a related community post entitled "Meeting Notes to OneNote stopped working" where a work-around is mentioned. In OneNote (both the 2016 on-premise and UWP versions) there's an option to insert Meeting Details. Once linked to your account - maybe this assumes O365 Outlook? - you can select which meeting and the meeting details are pasted into the current page. In effect the same information is created as used to be done on "Take notes on your own" option from the Outlook add-in.

This works for me!

@Mike AtkinsonThanks!  This works great for me.  Good enough.

Thanks for sharing that @Mike Atkinson ! 


After a couple of weeks of using this new method, I think I like this method even better than the old one!