Long file paths in OneDrive for Business

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My tenant has the long file paths now so I can go beyond the 255 characters.  I altered my registry to extend the path length, and that also works.  But I cannot save a file via the SaveAs feature that places the file into my OneDrive folder that is beyond 255 Characters?  Now I understand that the Office App need the LongFilePathAware in the manifest.  Why wouldn't that already be there so this can work?  Or do I need something else I am missing trying to weave this all together?

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There are lot of dependencies on older code/libraries that have the MAX_PATH limit, and it will take some time before this is supported across the board. If you want some more technical details, read here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365247(v=vs.85).aspx


For the time being, it's all "opt-in", for Windows, Office, ODFB...

Thanks Vasil,

I am not sure what you mean all opt-in.  Longpaths work in the tenant, and LongPaths work on my Win10 PC with the reg dink.  What doesn't work is the Word app when I try to save a file to a path longer than 260 characters.  So all my research tells me the manifest must contain a line called LongFilePathAware, or something to that affect.  I am not sure where I need to go to alter that for Word, or Office or OneDrive for Business.  Because this feature is out now, I would expect MS to include this in the Office suite?  If opting in means alter the manifest, could that location be provided for Office and OneDrive so I could do that myself?

Means you need to enable the corresponding options/reg keys in Office, ODFB, Windows, for proper support.

I asked our TAM about this and where to find and alter the Office products.  I was informed this is something MS is working on and the Office suite will take advantage of the extended paths in a future version update of Office. 

The fix is expected to be released in the build version 16.0.9209.1000+.


I have the same problem.

In our Document libraries we have a lot of files that are stored with long file paths. We have migrated them from file system to SharePoint. 

We can open these files in Word/Excel but we cannot save them in the same folder.


Did you manage to fix it?


I know we can shorten the file paths or store documents in a folder that is not so long. It does not solve our problem since we cannot so easily change the filepaths or filenames or even the sharepoint urls.


This is how far I got. 

I added a local group policy to allow long file paths.

GPedit enable long paths.png

Now Windows Explorer works fine with long file names. Both new files and copies of existing files can be put into the long folder names. 

We use Windows Explorer with synced Onedrive files from SharePoint libraries where the files are stored.


We have Office Click to run build 1808.

Save from Word does not work still even if the policy works in Windows Explorer.



But I don't think this is fixed yet as MS needs to re-write their Office products to be long file path aware. 

Thanks for the answer. Let's hope the "feature" is moved up on their list. This feature is crucial and basic. But it seems to be the AI and fancy stuff that gets the focus nowadays. So I must say I am not positive. And if one more says I must open a support case and vote on Uservoice I think I'll explode. It does not work.