IOS Iphone 6s Plus Keyboard Problem

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I have a problem using onenote on my iPhone 6s plus. Everything works fine with other ios devices e.g. iPhone 7.

If you try to add a note, start writing and use the return button twice the cursor starts jumping back and then pushes your text two lines below. The problem is 100% reproducible. Deinstallation and keyboard change didn't help.

All latest software and updates are installed.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I have the exact same issue on the exact same phone! Its very frustrating. Hitting enter or backspace on the iOS keyboard twice, will send the cursor to the start of the page. So its extremely frustrating to add spacing between paragraphs.  Issue can be consistently reproduced every single time I use OneNote!! 


It first happened a few months ago. Numerous version changes of OneNote has not fixed the issue. Updating to iOS 12 has not fixed the issue. Removing third party keyboards has not fixed the issue. Numerous phone resets and restarts have not fixed the issue. 


Any solution by the ON team will be greatly appreciated.


Jan, did you try reinstalling the One Note app by any chance? It didnt work for me though.